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Friday, December 27, 2013

parfum inspired pear & olive martini


i recently did another event at TWISTED LILY FRAGRANCE BOUTIQUE & APOTHECARY in brooklyn. owners eric (LEO) and stamatis (AQUARIUS) wanted to promote their SLUMBERHOUSE line of parfum. pretty sure they didn’t test on animals, so i was in. the PEAR & OLIVE parfum by SLUMBERHOUSE smells heavenly. the pressure was on for me to come up with a cocktail equally divine. plus, the packaging for this line is very innovative… the beautiful bottle has little glass balls floating inside which the perfume fluidly glides between. they kind of look like olives! my creation had to be on the same elevated aesthetic level.

slumberhouse did i pull it off? here’s my selfie: PEAR & OLIVE MARTINI

1 part GLORIOUS GIN (brooklyn based!)
.5 part pear ginger UNCOUTH VERMOUTH (brooklyn based!)
.5 part remy martin V
2 parts pear juice
.5 part fresh lime juice
.5 part green simple syrup (greened with natural dye and spinach)


***GREEN SIMPLE SYRUP: simmer sugar and water with spinach and let sit for 24 hours. this will give a nice green hue to the syrup without using chemical dyes. alternatively, there is green eco friendly dye available but it is not as vivid as chemical dyes.

***the pear garnish will need to be dipped or brushed in lime juice to prevent browning.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Saturday, December 14, 2013

home is henri bendel for the holidays

gwen hb

it’s that special time of year again… with jack frost nipping at your nose and gwen asking what your sign is! home is HENRI BENDEL for the holidays…

this year it seems that even more people than normal are interested in astrology. hmnn…. my imagination? or is interest in the esoteric increasing? i’ve been at this for six years now and i def see an increase in interest!

hey, this season my COLORED WINE GLASSES are debuting at BENDELS! special, limited edition ; ) if you want one, you’ll have to email me at… they match the baroscope shot glasses! and hey, the paint is ORGANIC. no cadmium. no lead. and all components are MADE IN USA. and of course, a small percentage of proceeds are donated to

so pop into HB and get your zodiac on : ) merry christmas all… onwards and upwards!


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, November 25, 2013

fou d’absinthe cocktails at twisted lily


psyched i got to use my absinthe fountain! i was hired me to create cocktails for a SNIFFAPALOOZA event at TWISTED LILY FRAGRANCE BOUTIQUE & APOTHECARY in brooklyn. which was a banger! owners eric and stamatis wanted to do something with absinthe to commemorate a fragrance they carry: FOU D’ABSINTHE by l’artisan parfumeur. we were celebrating both the fragrance and the grand opening of TWISTED LILY.

fouboy did i underestimate the popularity of the absinthe ritual and cocktail. the guests were fascinated by the process of pouring cold water over the sugar cube and watching it dissolve and louche. the hallucination myth was a big part of their intrique. i explained that it was mostly the underhanded wine industry that spun that tale to draw people back to the grape. several hundred years later absinthe is back after an inconvenient and unfair ban. there is some truth to the hallucinogenic properties of the ingredient thujone. but that is really no longer a factor. our cocktails was extra delicious because of course we used kangen water, artisanal sugar cubes and a good quality absinthe! some guests even came back for seconds… swing by TWISTED LILY and get a whiff of this intoxicating perfume.

for a quick video lesson on how to serve absinthe in the traditional manner watch THE LIQUID MUSE via the WORMWOOD SOCIETY.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

looking for an awesome brand ambassador?

this summer i got into alcohol-related promotional work in a big way. i found out that all those trunk shows i’ve done at HENRI BENDEL, and all those BARSTROLOGY PARTIES, and SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS i’ve been doing, has really amped up my sales performance. actually, sky-rocketed my sales results would be a better way to put it. every single liquor, wine or beer tasting i do-–-I kill it. so, if you’re a BRAND looking for an AMBASSADOR to push your sales with promotions, look no further. you found your girl: me! I am as reliable, personable, intelligent and experienced as they come, with integrity to boot. email at and let’s talk about how i can help promote your alcohol or beverage-related product in new york’s tri-state area… looking forward to working with you : ) cheers!

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NY NOW show @ the javitz

recently i walked the NY NOW show at the javitz. as you know, cocktails are H O T. apart from those subjects i found that two of my fave things are trending big-time: bunnies and unicorns. but since this is a blog about cocktails i’ll stick to the drink theme:

perfume love the cheeky french brand, ETAT LIBRE d’ORANGE. a lot of their parfums are spirit-inspired, like VRAIE BLONDE, shown here, that contains LIQUEUR BRANDY OF CHAMPAGNE.parfum ETAT LIBRE d’ORANGE can be found at brooklyn’s TWISTED LILY.

napkin adore AUGUST MORGAN by kater hersch and her cloth cocktail napkins. shown here is one of the vintage inspired, tongue in cheek designs she specializes in. kate’s cool, and you can tell by one peek on her blog… check it out on her website.

catstudio intricately detailed, hand drawn maps on frosted glasses. these make the best keepsakes. get your town, get your country, the list goes on and on…

deeris this not the most stunning work of functional glass art you have ever seen? omigod. beautiful work from the czech republic! check out on where to buy.

magic just in time for halloween… mix up a drink for friend or foe in this magic cocktail shaker. from WINK available at URBAN OUTFITTERS.

chalk ID tag glasses makes sure there’s no more confusion as to whose glass is whose. a set of four even comes with chalk. to inquire where they are sold contact

stonei don’t use whisky stones but i want to start now. so cute, etched soapstone whisky stones for chilling your tipple without watering it down.

shake usually the glass gets printed, not the shaker. this is a very sleek looking line of stainless cocktail shakers, all inscribed with different themes. some have the cocktail measuring chart on them, others the definitions of “cheers” and others just witty one-liners. i want one:

kit molecular mixology can be intimidating-sounding to even the most seasoned bar pro… but this kit will simplify this new art form. each kit contains natural texturing agents that can be used to deconstruct any dish or cocktails. there are several kits to choose from: cuisine-themed, dessert-themed, or cocktail-themed. visit

wax this set of candle glasses is the coolest candle (apart from mine of course) that i ever saw. i love these! goblets, appetizer plates, champagne flutes, bottles of wine… all made from wax. only from france, of course. from POINT A LA LIGNE

shaker2a cocktail shaker that spins when you pump the handle. i don’t ususally go for the plastic stuff, but i have to admit this is pretty cool. available from QUENCH PRODUCTS mid-late oct.

muddler the coolest hand made muddlers right here in vermont! thanks to VERMONT FARM TABLE. they specialize in hand made pieces using non-toxic finishes.

squid i have a soft spot for squids and octapus. i love them so much. it really hurts me to see people even eating them. they are such special creatures, and this is a such a special punch bowl from VAGABOND HOUSE.

runner it’s incredible how instantly chic your event becomes with a catchy table banner displayed prominently. dress up your party, shop at

tea this ingenious product is a natural extension of TEAFORTE and it’s so smart! they have taken their tea into the cocktail arena with easy to prepare tea-cocktail infusion kits.

decanter with all this drinking you gotta stay hydrated. and i LOVE my water decanters. i always have one sitting on my bed stand. it’s great because the top doesn’t let dust settle on the surface of the water. such a genius item. BIB&SOLA gives 10% to water-related charities.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pug muddler is a work of art

the PUG! muddler is incredibly beautiful. it has a nice hefty weight to it. the sheen, the grain and the shape make it a stunning piece of wood turning art. not much different than a hand carved wooden statue, but this is of course a functional piece. i almost feel the PUG! MUDDLER should be kept in a frame when not in use. i’m thinking of mounting mine permanently on the wall, but that would mean i can’t use it. hmmnn… decisions, decisions. these muddlers are so spectacular in fact that, that i wanted to wholesale them on my site. i was however, respectfully informed that at the moment these babies are not available for resell. you must order straight from hudson-valley based wood turner / artist, CHRIS GALLAGHER himself.


chris uses various woods to make his muddlers. they are currently available for custom order in maple and cherry for $30 and and jatoba for $35. (the lightest wood is maple and the darkest is jatoba.) he hand turns them all and finishes them with food-grade mineral oil. The wood won’t react with ingredients and is easy to maintain. shipping is $5 for up to three muddlers to any location in the US.


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Thursday, December 20, 2012

henri bendel sells intoxicated zodiac candles!

i popped into HENRI BENDEL today and guess what to wondering eyes did appear? Intoxicated Zodiac Candles! Shop Bendels New York City and pick up one of our fab Cocktail Candles for everyone on your list…

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, November 5, 2012

book review: uncorked by marco pasanella

this interesting book narrates the author’s journey in building a wine shop with absolutely no previous experience in the arena of sales. totally new to the retail sector–mr. pasanella was an accomplished architect/teacher/author previous to boarding the career jumping ship. he tells a humorous and painstaking story of ups and downs in the realization of his now successful wine shop: Pasanella & Sons. not only is the book entirely true and entertaining at the same time, but it is also quite informative and enlightening for both the wine novice and adept. it also speaks on a personal level to me as an entrepeuneer facing all sorts of challenges that any small business owner can relate to. i especially love the appendix at the back which contains many gems, favorite of which is “the ten strangest words in wine: cat’s piss, dirty socks, flabby, fruit bomb, corked, chewy.” great stocking stuffer! $24 clarkson potter

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Friday, August 17, 2012

gwen’s in NCGR’s astrology journal “the ingress”

So proud of myself! I’m a contributing author to the widely recognized (in Astrology circles) issue of “THE INGRESS!” yAh! Back copies are available to the public for $5 by contacting the editor, stephen @ if you’re an astrology buff, this is an interesting read and well worth the money. A full subscription to this prestigious industry journal is available for non-members @ $20/yr.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Friday, May 18, 2012

gwen’s presentation at the manhattan cocktail classic sponsored by zodiac vodka

i was so honored to be a presenter at this year’s MANHATTAN COCKTAIL FESTIVAL in nyc. ZODIAC VODKA, my soul mate, sponsored the presentation and supplied the kick ass black cherry vodka that i used to create our welcome drink: the VENUS TRANSIT.

the staff told me later that it was an unusually well-received cocktail… everyone drank their entire glass down! so, thank you for the compliment on my mixology skills, dear festival imbibers : ) apparently, the name was quite well liked too… this one’s definitely a keeper! (and so is the ZODIAC VODKA bottle: each one is a different sign)

proud of my presenter badge ; ) first time i’ve done a powerpoint presentation… see my remote control?

backstage, they’re batching our welcome drink… the VENUS TRANSIT. ps, ZODIAC VODKA is available in NY this july!!! check the website for availability outside of new york.
(slide from presentation below)

each guest got a ZODIAC VODKA goodie bag with a mini compatibility book, a coaster and a glass in the sign of their choice!

THE MCC INDUSTRY INVITATIONAL was held at the andaz hotel on FIFTH AVE & 42ND ST. isn’t that the crossroads of the world?

ps, next year’s MCC is scheduled for May 17-21, 2013. if we’re still here, that is ; )

a special shout out to CAMPER ENGLISH from ALCADEMICS… finally i got to meet my fellow veggie cocktail nerd writer extraordinaire… and yup, he’s as cool as he writes. and i’m happy to report that he asks the most interesting questions! thanks for coming to my seminar, Dear Aries

next shout out goes to lak from PARTY DIGEST… helped make the baroscope reading part of my presentation more hilarious than ever… thanks for swinging by, Dear Libra

and last but not least, shout out to JACKIE SILVER, aka MS. AGING BACKWARDS… a drink a day keeps the doctor away! hee haw.. (we love donkeys) Jackie is a Dear Gemini. (we also love that HIGH WEST & URBAN BOULDER photobooth!)

from the presentation:
“VENUS TRANSIT is a term that describes the movement of Venus, who is more than just a pretty face. She’s an amazon woman! She’s a feminist. And she’s a Goddess. Venus will transit the Sun on June 5th, which will be her last transit to occur in our lifetime, as she only passes over the Sun roughly every 122 years. I can tell you that the Astrologers are abuzz over this heavy duty alignment and the impact it will have on humanity. Her sojourn into our atmosphere will shine her Venusian frequency of peace, beauty and love on us all, to facilitate in our healing process. Synchronistically sandwiched in between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, love is coming to earth in a big way, and is here to stay!

Black Cherry is a plant of Venus and therefore a drink of Taurus and Libra, who are both also ruled by Venus. According to Medieval Astrology, Venusian plants are warm and moist, and their temperment is sanguine. Taurus rules the neck and decolette, and libra rules the buttocks. Any sign can imbibe a VENUS TRANSIT… it’s a tasty opportunity to drink in her divine energy and see the world through her rose colored glasses. Cheers to Venus!

fill glass with ice and add:
* 2 oz Black Cherry Zodiac Vodka
* 1 oz fresh lemon juice
* 1 oz spice syrup*
garnish with a cherry.*

4 opened cardomom pods (both shells and seeds)
2 sticks cinnamon
2 whole cloves
***toast spices to bring flavors out, then add to ½ cup water, ½ cup sugar. Simmer for 20 minutes and strain for use.

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
2 cloves
2 sticks cinnamon
4 opened cardamom pods (skin & seeds)
approximately 1 quart pitted cherries (frozen are ok)
½ brandy

***toast spices to bring flavors out, then to water and sugar. Simmer for 20 minutes and remove from heat. add brandy and cherries. May be used immediately. Store in fridge.

(the use of kangen filtered water will further amplify the flavors)”
–recipe created by gwen sutherland kaiser

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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