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Thursday, August 23, 2007

cocktail feng shui, what’s your element & drink?

like we all have a zodiac sign, so do we also have a feng shui element. mine happens to be wood. you might wonder why this should matter to you… Reiko Gomez, a feng shui master here in NYC, explains that “the feng shui element is helpful for knowing the element that supports you, so that you can make sure to have it in your space – especially near where you work and where you sleep.” that said, i think it only makes sense that we would also benefit from imbibing the benefits of our element too! no?




if you are WOOD – having plants or fresh flowers supports you.

your cocktail is green in color and tastes fresh and fruity or lemon-limey.


2 oz pineapple juice (freshly pressed if possible)
1 1/2 oz vanilla infused vodka (infuse your own by placing vanilla pod in vodka for a few weeks)
1 oz midori
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz organic simple syrup

modified from FOOD & WINE COCKTAILS 2005 (buy through KITTYKIND to give them a percentage).

If you are METAL – wearing jewelry in silver or gold, or having a nice metal sculpture in your space supports you.

your cocktail is gold or white in color, and can taste minty.


3 1/2 oz godiva white chocolate liqueur
1/2 oz creme de menthe
1/2 oz silk soy creamer

place in ice filled shaker and shake for ten seconds. pour into martini glass.


If you are EARTH – wearing crystals or having crystals, stones, or ceramic items in your space supports you.

your cocktail is brown, tan orange or yellow in color, and tastes rich in flavour.


1 tsp brown sugar
4 oz boiling water
1 whole clove
2 oz dark rum
1 tsp SOY GARDEN buttery spread
1/8 tsp grated nutmeg
modified from THE BARTENDER’S BIBLE by Gary Regan (buy through KITTYKIND to give them a percentage).

If you are FIRE – having a red candle or lamp nearby supports you.

your cocktail is red, hot pink or purple in color, and tastes spicy or sour.


2 oz tequila
5 oz fresh squeezed tomatoe juice
1/3 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 pinch fresh ground black pepper
4 dashes tabasco sauce
4 dashes worcestershire sauce

modified from COMPLETE HOME BARTENDERS GUIDE by salvatore calabrese (buy through KITTYKIND to give them a percentage).

If you are WATER – having a water feature (fountain or water plant) in your home or office supports you.

your cocktail is blue or clear in color and tastes relatively bland and smooth.


4 oz gin
1 1/2 oz blue curacao
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
club soda

in separate glass mix all ingredients, except club soda. fill collins glass with ice and pour mixture inside. top with club soda and stir.

modified from THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF MARTINIS by nannette stone (buy through KITTYKIND to give them a percentage).

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

cocktail feng shui – using the bagua to better your life

feng shui is an ancient chinese science used to enhance people’s lives through the encouragement of positive energy flow, or chi. when good chi flows gently through a home, the residents will experience a mirroring of that same positively and all areas of their lives will be affected similarly, with relative ease. when chi moves sluggishly or becomes stuck, the inhabitants will endure more of the trials and tribulations of everyday life than truly necessary. the chinese exercise, t’ai chi is a movement to facilitate the circulation of positive chi acupuncture, meditation & herbal medicine can all help to unblock stuck or negative chi, and energize the body back to a healthy state. similar remedies can be applied to our physical surroundings as well.

believe it or not, our homes can play a significant role in the state of our physical and mental health. i give you just one example from personal experience. i painted the wall of my “family” corner red. well, family is a green color in feng shui, as in the wood element. and red is the fire element, which burns wood. therefore, using a lot of red (fire) in an area of the house that should be green (wood) is symbolic of burning that particular spot. In this case, I was theoretically burning my family. soon after i painted this wall red, my boyfriend’s brother stopped speaking to me over some ridiculously silly incident. which incited my boyfriend to stop talking to him. which incurred the wrath of other family members. and so forth and so on. it was rather a mess. i painted the wall green in a desperate attempt to squelch the stupidity and – voila! it wasn’t more than a few weeks later when it was as if nothing had ever happened. that is the power of feng shui, laugh if you will.

there are several schools of feng shui, but the following utilizes the compass method:

1. make a rudimentary sketch of the footprint of your dwelling, be it a studio apartment or and eco mcmansion.

2. next, take a compass to read which sides of your dwelling face north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, northwest and west. write these directions down on your sketch.

3. refer to the COCKTAIL BAGUA MAP below for the symbolic meanings of each direction, and hence area of your home.

for example, my front door faces north, so that would put it in my “career” area. my bedroom faces southwest, which means it is my “love” area, or corner. So, if i wish to attract more love and romance into my life, it is advisable to enhance (or remedy) this area with supportive “love” energy. one of the many ways to accomplish this is to place objets d’amour in my bedroom, or the section of my bedroom that falls into the southwest area of my house. (NOTE: it is possible to a room to occupy several sections on the bagua map. if it’s a studio apartment, this will definitely be the case).


South – Area of Fame – Red/Fire element

to get your fifteen minutes fast, place a red glass, or a glass with some red in it, on a red coaster. a clear glass will also work, but it is advisable – all though certainly not necessary – to embellish it. for example, you could glue red “gems” to glass to increase the colorful presence of it. in the glass place a small statue of an animal, a feather or shell, or a book of matches (red colored are best). you can also record your wishes of infamy on a piece of paper and fold it up inside the glass. just remember to keep glass dust-free and sparkly.

SW – Area of Romance – Yellow or Tan/Earth element

to meet mr. right, place two champagne glasses together on a pink, yellow or tan mat or coasters. (something lacy would work really well here). be sure to keep the glasses spotless and dust-free. place objets d’amour inside and around the glasses. a photograph, illustration or statue of a romantic couple or image can be placed in or next to the champagne glasses. you can also place matching tokens of love in each glass, such as a pair of hearts, red roses, pink ribbons or white doves. this might be an opportunity to finally use your drink condom!

West – Area of Friends and family – Gold silver or white/Metal element

wanna end that family feud? place a highball glass with straight sides on a green, gold, silver, white or wooden coaster. place photos of family members inside, facing outwards, effectively using the glass as a picture frame. you an also throw souvenirs from fun family times into the glass, like a theme park stub, or shell from your beach outing. arranging some white silk flowers in the glass along with the photograph would be favorable too.

NW – Area of Mentors and helpful people or spiritual guides – Gold silver or white/Metal element

if you’d like to draw kinder and more helpful people into your life, put a white or stainless steel glass on a gold, silver, white or metal coaster. place in glass, photographs of mentors, gurus and people that are inspirational to you. angel art is especially useful here, in the form of a statue, or illustration. you can even hang angel earrings from the lip of the glass, or find an angel drink charm to wrap around the stem.

North – Area of Career – blue or black/Water element

to facilitate your upwardly mobile climb to financial independence, place a black or blue glass on a black or blue colored coaster. a wavy, or curvy shaped glass is optimal. it is imperative that the glass be refilled with fresh water every day if you are able to do so. a drop of essential jasmine oil in the water is advisable but not necessary. you can also put tokens of your career next to the glass, such as your business card.

NE – Area of Wisdom/Education – Yellow or Tan/Earth element

if you want to master the universe, or any new skill, place an amber hued glass on a yellow, tan, or clay ceramic coaster. fill glass with goal-related ephemera and articles. statues of people practicing the skill you wish to learn, and written descriptions of classes you wish to take, are both examples of what you can use here. it is also helpful to place crystals like cat’s eye, yellow quartz, topaz and amber in the glass.

East – Area of Health – Green/Wood element

to support your physical and emotional health, place a collins glass on a green colored or wooden coaster. place a stalk or two of lucky bamboo in glass. be sure to keep it watered!

SE – Area of Wealth – Green/Wood element

to get rich quick, place a purple or green glass – or a glass with one of those colors in it – on a green or purple coaster. it helps to use an expensive glass, and a coaster that is also rich-looking such as silk, beads or crystal, is best. augment this further by tying a purple ribbon around the glass. put coins, currency, expensive looking jewelry, or any symbol of wealth in the glass. hell, make a check out to yourself for 1,000,000 and throw it in there! a rich-looking drink charm could be very effective here. you could also use the glass as a vase, and keep fresh cut purple orchids in it! it is important to have at least one purple article included in this remedy.

good luck, and remember, the most important aspect of practicing feng shui, is INTENTION. if you truly intend the desired effects to occur, then they likely will.

for a professional feng shui reading, contact reiko gomez on the east coast or ellysa robertson on the west coast.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac


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