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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

leo’s chariot awaits-our horoscope for next week

BEST ASTROLOGY REPORT EVER…. must see video for a dose of celestial reality! watch on


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Friday, March 16, 2012

japan is sippin’ scorpio: the Fukushima kooler

In honor of Japan’s one year Fukushima anniversary, i present the Fukushima Kooler. i don’t believe in coincidence. 911 was no accident and i don’t believe 311 (Fukushima) was either. now, one year to the week later, intense earth tremor activity is again occurring in japan. while the original Fukushima disaster was caused by the rogue factions of world governments, these most recent tremors are mother earth’s way of saying i know what you did and have not forgotten.

mother earth, or Gaia, is a living, breathing, conscious being just like you and I. we are all cohabitating on a self-sustaining space ship called earth. we were tricked by the aforementioned rogue factions of our world governments into believing that we are not in control of our destiny and earth is a harsh place to live, and nothing is further from the truth. actually, we are all just avatars of our real selves playing an incredibly real video game. dark against the light… positive versus negative… you know the deal, it’s called duality. but what you may not realize is that it’s just a play you’re acting in. the ultimate bad guy, lucifer, also signed up to play this game, as did every member of the rogue faction of the world governments. if you don’t believe me then please explain why lucifer’s name translates to “light bearer.”

so, if you’d like the universe, or the rogue team, to stop jerking you around… you do have the power. think of your body like a car… if you refuse to drive your own steering wheel, then someone else will do it for you. because everyone knows a car cannot drive itself. team rogue has been steering all of our cars for a very long time, and i’m ready to drive on my own now. aren’t you? they’d like us to drive a fred flinstone jalope. but wouldn’t you prefer to drive a hybrid electric flying porshe? it has never been easier to take the wheel. watch the rogues fall from their positions of power… our new highway is being built and it’s called 2012. what was once referred to as conspiracy theory will become known as truth. so, open your mind to miracles and your heart to magic. know that we are not alone. we have angels, ascended masters, benevolent aliens, and secret societies of earth on our team.

building the new earth, is easier than you might think. for example, did you know that you can change the weather among other crazy things just by using a technique called THETAHEALING? i do it all the time. many japanese people have been removing the radiation from their contaminated food by using theta healing. and did you know that we have teams of “good aliens” working amongst us to help us out of this mess we got ourselves into? it helps to understand that we are ALL aliens. none of us started off on earth. we all “came” here. aliens are simply versions of us from other corners of the universe! and aliens have been on this planet for eons. how do you think the pyramids got here? how do you think we got up into space? hello crop circles? why do you think the government denies their existence? why do you think there are so many scary alien movies out there? to brainwash us into thinking aliens are bad, that’s why! aliens are here to help so let’s let em do what they came to do!

but back to astrology, the country of japan is a libra. on one side of its scales she weighs the ancient traditions of her past (whaling) against the progressive innovations of the present future. japan is still an insultingly patriarchal society, but ironically their scientists create the world’s leading inventions. they can make fuel from water. they invented kangen water, which cures cancer. imagine the inventions they haven’t yet shared with the world!

tamarind is ruled by mars, ancient ruler of scorpio. scorpio symbolizes the phoenix rising from the ashes of fukishima. japan is rebirthing itself like the greatest of scorpios. the rest of the world watches in awe as the japanese people calmly take each beyond challenging day in their stride. even their pets are to be commended. japans’s handling of this UNnatural disaster is admiral. so, cheers to japan.

2 oz shochu
2 lychees
tamarind water
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz agave
2 dashes peach bitters
***muddle a lychee and bitters. add shochu, agave, lime. shake and double strain into an ice-packed high ball. top with tamarind water. garnish with a lychee.

(PS, shochu is a japanese spirit that contains about half the calories and alchohol content of most booze. good for lightweights, great for the bikini)

***this is the most DELICIOUS juice. it’s great to drink alone, but we are using it in a cocktail here.
***buy tamarind pods at most ethnic markets and of course online. look for the sour ones, not the sweet ones.
***peel between 15-20 tamarind pods, leaving veins attached. simmer with 8 cups sugar and 16 cups water for 20-30 minutes. macerate to the best of your ability in the pot. then strain. will last a couple weeks in the fridge.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, October 24, 2011

occupy your cocktail… P B & J freeze

you know when things just come together perfectly? like your day off and perfect weather? like a yard sale and your long lost trinket? like peanut butter and jelly? like thousands of people sandwiching themselves into tiny liberty square, peacefully and gracefully? when we stand as one, we are greater than the sum of our parts, we are perfection amplified. just… like p b & j. OCCUPY: WE ARE THE 99%

is it a coinkidink that OCCUPY kicked off the same time as mothers by the thousands packed pb & j’s in their kid’s lunch boxes? or that OCCUPY started during the month of VIRGO, the sign of purity, truth and honor? or that the movement to reclaim our freedom kicked off in a square named LIBERTY? or that dogs LOVE peanut butter? who knows… but i do know that this fun cocktail is a quiet way to acknowledge what will become known as the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION that birthed the FIRST WORLD REVOLUTION.


2 oz red wine
2 bar spoons grape jelly
2 bar spoons creamy peanut butter
1/4 oz agave nectar

puree ingredients in blender. then add ice until the desired consistency is reached. serve in a goblet and garnish with a concord, or similarly colored, grape.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Saturday, July 9, 2011

celebrate world disclosure day today!!!

did you know there was such a holiday? well there is! celebrate this most interesting of holidays by imbibing an ALIENTINI below:

*Alien Secretion
*Green Alien
*Alien Urine Cocktail
*Alien Cumshot
*Alien Orgasm”
*Alien Cocktail A

go aliens! remember, aliens are our friends : ) cheers to WORLD DISCLOSURE DAY!


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Thursday, October 7, 2010

astro shrink drinks straight up, no gmo

october is the first ever NON-GMO month… just say NO to GMO!!!

In my tiny area of the globe, I am a gardener, keeper of animals, feeder of birds – someone who is concerned about the protection of the earth, land, soil, waterways, air, and all living beings. Increasingly, I am aware of the myriad ways we have become detached from nature, and the natural ways of living on the planet. One of the main issues of concern is our lack of knowledge about where our food comes from.

GMO-corn (photo) Recently, the Corn Refiners Association applied to the FDA to change the name of high fructose corn syrup to “corn sugar.” Apparently, more and more consumers have been reading labels and they don’t want the syrupy stuff in their food. Now, an attempt to put another
blindfold over the eyes of the American public has been made, to lead us to believe that their product, implicated in the nation’s obesity epidemic, is nothing more than sugar from corn. (Gwen’s Comment: Have you seen the ads on TV yet? They’re hysterical.)

I can detect high fructose corn syrup in any product. It cheapens the taste and has a sickly sweet flavor. “Corn sugar” will do the same. It isn’t like regular sugar and doesn’t taste like it even though the argument laid out by the Corn Refiners Association is that high fructose corn syrup has the same nutritional value as sugar. Well, for Pete’s sake, who eats sugar for its nutritional value, which is nil? Let’s not forget the real issue is that we, as a nation, consume too much sugar in any form.

Even if you are a fan of eating products that contain high fructose corn syrup, I think it’s still wise to know the source of what you are putting into your mouth. Anything derived from corn (and soy or rice) carries the potential to be genetically modified (GMO) so it can withstand a few solid drenchings of pesticides and herbicides, including Monsanto’s Roundup. The corn can also be modified by changing its DNA so that it “naturally” wards off bugs and increase crop yields. (Gwen’s Comment: crop yield increase has been found to be untrue in numerous studies)

GMO capital (photo) Currently in the United States, the FDA has not required genetically engineered products to be labeled as such, while many other countries have demanded the labeling, including the European Union. A number of people work in the government, including the FDA, who stand to gain through their association with corporations like Monsanto, thus the labeling law has gotten bogged down in red tape.

Labeling all products with GMO ingredients is a vitally important issue that we as consumers must insist upon. The FDA hasn’t required labeling, indicating it’s too complicated. They say the evidence against GMO food isn’t clear enough, they don’t want consumers like me and you to look down on GMO ingredients in our food, and, what they don’t say, is that there are powerful people with corporate interests whose personal wealth will be negatively affected when we stop spending our money on their products.

We do know that there are adverse health effects from this form of biotechnology, that it was not and hasn’t been studied properly before it was used in the food supply, and that the use of GMO seed in crops contaminates other fields, including those that are organic. We also know that in many cases, more pesticides and herbicides have to be used on these crops. If you would like to learn more about this, read Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article entitled “10 Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods” at reasons-why-no-one-needs-gm-foods.aspx. (Check Gwen’s side bar link category, ECO WHORES, for additional resources on genetic modification.)

non-gmo-farm (photo) Whenever I write about these concerns, and when colleagues have done the same, someone (often working in Washington, DC) responds with a scathing letter, an attempt not to state facts, but rather disqualify the author and further confuse the public. The responses are personal attacks instead of rational disputes. This is spin, and it’s done because big money is involved, they know the facts are building against them, and they’re afraid the American public won’t remain in the dark for long.

But the American consumer is king and all we need is knowledge. We are the ones with the money who buy the products, and there is power in that. We could change the system at any time, with the dollar. By buying whole organic food, preferably from local farmers, and shunning the processed food world or at least demanding proper labeling, each of us declares that we support foods (including corn) to be grown the way nature intended, not modified by scientists, however well-meaning they might be. Keep in mind, all non-organic foods you pay for that contain corn (and soy) derivatives are likely to in some way support the GMO practice, while allowing chemical companies like Monsanto to control our food supply. This includes conventionally grown beef and chicken, since they are subjected to the GMO food in their daily feed.

October 2010 is the first official “Non-GMO month” involving more than 580 natural food stores nationwide. This will be to promote awareness and celebrate your right to choose food that is not genetically modified. You can learn more about the event by reading a press release from the executive director of the Non-GMO Project: 2010/07/Non-GMO-Month-Press-Release.pdf.

If you want to watch two good movies, see The Future of Food and Food, Inc. They help clarify these issues, and at the very least, make us more aware of the necessity to have a GMO labeling law. This law might be complicated to enforce, but no more so than the prospect of an entire food supply being contaminated.


If you’re interest is piqued, read Jeffrey Smith’s book Seeds of Deception. For more on the American food industry read Marion Nestle’s Food Politics and Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation.

A descendant of Midwest farmers who came to California to work in the fertile Central Valley, I’ll continue to be an advocate for organic farmers and local farmers’ markets. I hope you will do the same, or we run the very real risk of being fed solely by a chemical giant who doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

1 part grenadine
(that does not contain corn syrup, unless organically grown)
1 part vodka
(that is not made with corn, unless organically grown)
1 part clear citrus
(lemon or lime, which has not been genetically modified)
top with tonic water
(that does not contain corn syrup, unless organically grown)
add ice, stir, adjust to taste, cheers…
to a world free from the unseen ravages and false truths of genetically modified foods!

christinaDr. Christina Grant is a holistic healer and spiritual counselor who uses astrology in her work to help people better understand their purpose and life circumstances. She works in person and by phone. She has helped hundreds of people attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through personal transformation. Her writing is published nationwide. To learn more, see WWW.CHRISTINAGRANT.COM

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sip a spilltini and spill into washington


i wish i could attend, but this is one weekend that i am booked solid for. if you can make it, there is a SPILL INTO WASHINGTON DC to rally for the gulf, this labor day saturday & sunday. (BTW, did you know that our commander in chief cashed in his BP stocks the week before the accident, along with BP CEO?) if that doesn’t get ya fired up, i don’t know what will!

for details on this unprecidented march on the capital, visit, or buy a tee shirt now for $20. car pools are being organized… this will be one for the history books, peeps.

you can also help the gulf by purchasing our charity SPILLTINI™ martini kit. fifty cents from each sale will be donated to gulf rescue.


we here at IZ are trying our best to do what we can for the gulf disaster… thanks to my friend katherine for suggesting i turn the GULF SPILL COCKTAIL into a saleable item. great idea! for only $10, you can sip your very own SPILLTINI™, fifty cents from each purchase will be donated to charities assisting with the gulf of mexico oil spill. each kit makes about eight-ten drinks, because SPILLTINIS™ are best enjoyed with friends.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

gulf spill: drink up, world

cheers to finally, for the most part, securing the gulf’s gusher. it’s only been since april 20th, but as they say better late than never. question is… will it hold? and will this have taught us anything?

this spring’s gulf spill was so big it overshadowed the other disastrous oil spills happening around the world simultaneously. like say, the other gulf spill. or the spill in the red sea. in fact, it is estimated that oil spillage off the coast of nigeria surpasses that of the gulf of mexico spill, EVERY YEAR! (but because it affects shack-dwelling africans, rather than wealthy, ahem, americans we don’t hear about it. if you’re an oil spill junkie, you can keep up with the latest crude catastrophes here on wiki. whatever you do, please don’t tell me we need to drill, baby drill. oil spills are not isolated incidents, and now matter what drilling precautions are taken in the future, or how many safety laws are adopted, the spills will remain inevitable. it’s time to get our alternative energy on!

of course in the apocalyptic (unveiling) times we find our selves living, this whole scenario comes as no surprise. earth has an incredibly challenging–and blessed–chart forecast for this summer. a perfectly synchronized cocktail party of cardinal crosses, grand squares, sensitive trines, new planets, stressful angles and unrelenting celestial energies that are stripping our world and everything in it to its core, exposing the flaws in both our own personal lives, and in the bigger sociopolitical arena. hello BP cover up? hollywood couldn’t write a movie like this! but get ready for more still because august is predicted to be the most intense month yet, according to most astro blogs. “We are in the midst of formidable astrological energies. we finally undergo a Grand Cardinal Cross on August 7th 2010.”

but hey, think positive peeps, because the fun lies in rebuilding it all, better than it ever was. after all, my fave ascended master saint germain, has decreed this to be the golden age–and 2010 the year of creation. if you still think the gulf spill was merely an unfortunate accident, you’ll think again after reading these words of oil wisdom from gerald o’donnell.

i concocted this libation to symbolize our addiction to oil, which is ruled by Scorpio, Lord of the underworld. And ironically, master of healing. If anyone can turn a shit situation around, it’s the Scorpion. And if anyone can appreciate the morbidity of this tipple, it’s Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. Don’t forget to rim the glass with sand, as you imbibe this glass of cold crude. the icing on the cake is of course the garnish—a star anise, floating, belly-up. because i don’t know about you… but i could use a drink.

1.5 blueberry juice oz
.5 oz kahlua
.5 oz chocolate liqueur (i prefer godiva)
3 blueberries
sand colored sugar, like raw or demerara
bar spoon chocolate sauce to make extra chocolatey! if you’re an addict, and chocolate is your poison, might i suggest CHOCAGAVE. this stuff is amazing and sort of healthy (considering that it is chocolate sauce!)

shake ingredients over ice and strain into sugar-rimmed glass. float berries on top.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wanna keep the internet free? act now!

save2.jpgSometimes politicians need to be reminded whom they really work for. Now is one of those times.

Last week, several dozen members of Congress put the interests of AT&T ahead of yours and signed a letter to the FCC opposing the agency’s efforts to protect Net Neutrality.

AT&T and these members of Congress were hoping we wouldn’t notice this deception. Well, it was noticed, and now we need to band together and send a message from the public…

Tell the FCC: Stand with the Public for Net Neutrality

THE GOAL: 10,000 signatures to push back against the members of Congress who buckled under telecom industry pressure. each and every one of us needs to send the FCC an urgent message of support for Net Neutrality.


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Thursday, October 15, 2009

drink doilies are all the rage in south africa

drink-doily.jpgmy parents (we all hate them) just came back from south africa. my swag was a beautiful hand hammered tribal necklace, AND a hand crocheted and beaded drink doily! apparently they’re all the rage over there in the tourist shops. i think this is so cool—what a practical gift! think about it… how many times have you been sitting out on the porch sipping on your caiphirina when i big ole fly lands on the edge for a little sip himself? well, say goodbye to mr. fly — thanks to the drink doily. the best part was that the lady’s cooperative that made these items funded the livelihood of aids victims. (which is the whole damn continent; another conspiracy…)

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

reality entertainment flicks will wake your ass up

film.jpgthere is not a shred of doubt in my mind that we are being completely FUCKED with. most would say i’m a conspiracy theorist, but i prefer to call myself a curious skeptic, anxious to find loving truth under each rock i turn. with my rising sign in scorpio, i’m a natural sleuth, and there aren’t many rocks that escape my scrutiny. often, i’m shocked to find greed and deception laying under the most beautiful rocks. especially lately, in a time when it seems a new cover up is exposed daily. the question is WHO exactly is fucking with us… aliens? the government? an elite secret society? the more one researches any of those three, the more convinced one becomes. in fact, one could spend days googling, youtubing, and surfing to be totally convinced that we are under attack. or one can stoically dismiss the mounting evidence as outlandish, over-imaginative trash talk. all i ask is that you open your mind to the possibility… OPEN YOUR MIND. then make your decision to believe or not believe these “theories”.

if you don’t want to go though the tedium of research, you can cut right to the chase with some groundbreaking films put out by new production company, REALITY ENTERTAINMENT. they have several titles from which to choose, but THE CONSPIRACY TO RULE THE WORLD, FROM 911 TO THE ILLUMINATI, is a good one to start with. i suggest you watch this video to learn how deeply entangled in this web we really are. this film exposes stuff i’ve never seen on the web! 911 was planned: a european news anchor said the tower had fallen as it stood erect in the background. it fell 20 minutes later, so obviously the press release went out early. there were two huge attachments on the bottom of each plane, and they’re captured on film! the hole in the pentagon wall could not have been physically made by an airplane–it’s been proven. numerous firefighters swear they saw bombs go off while they were inside WTC. and my personal favorite is the benign enough looking, but very sinister organization called COMMON PURPOSE. well now, how many times have i heard obama speak those two words in his speeches? apparently the phrase “common purpose” is simply another way of saying “new world order” which is code for “slave system.” hint: we’re not going to be the slave masters if you catch my drift… this video will WAKE you up to the new reality that is upon us!

the key to solving our little predicament lies in staying positive and acting constructively. if you watch an enlightening video like this and then want to kill yourself, well we haven’t solved a thing, have we? that would be akin to someone saying, oh gosh i don’t where to start conserving energy, or saving money, or eating healthy — there’s just too much! and then they just shut down and don’t do a thing because they are frozen with fear, or overwhelmed with depression. just remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and the only way to win this war (if you believe we are its victims) is to THINK POSITIVE, BE HONEST, ACT KINDLY and be a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the earth abiding by SPIRITUAL LAW. that my friends, is the only way we can win. so what are you waiting for? stop the denial… admit you should be more informed… watch the mind-blowing flicks from REALITY ENTERTAINMENT…

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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