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Monday, March 25, 2013

pisces cocktail: the Bieber-rijanna in chilled mag

the rihanna-bieber cocktail… a pisces tipple for all to enjoy! via chilled magazine


Happy Birthday Pisces, the sign most likely to be an alcoholic. The birth charts of alcoholics were studied and found that those with a prominent placement of Pisces in their natal chart were more prone to alcoholism than those without. However, not all Pisces drink like fish… a lot of them are dry. And mostly, but not always, it’s because they partied too hard in the past. Some Pisces–like every sign–just don’t like booze…Simple as that. But it’s ironic, isn’t it, that St. Patrick’s Day falls during Pisces? The reason people of this sign are tempted by the lure of drugs and alcohol is because they are using them as an escape mechanism. Pisces is so sensitive to the harsh energies here on Earth, that life is sometimes just too much to bear and they have to get away from it all. Vodka makes a great train.

Other traits of this sign include: idealistic, sensitive, empathic, private-natured, emotional, psychic, dreamy, heavenly, spiritual, ethereal, imaginative, creative, intuitive, compassionate, escapism-prone, serenity-loving, Highly Seductive! Pisces are heart breakers… they have that special “je ne sais quoi.” Women are attracted to the soft, feminine side of their nature, which can be hard to find in men! That said; don’t think for a minute that the fish isn’t a ruthless killer shark on the flip side. After all, there are two fish, remember? And they swim in opposite directions. Pisces can be super aggressive, ambitious, competitive and successful. So much so, that before Virgo pushed them out of the top millionaire spot, they held that title. I’m quoting Susan Miller here from a few years back so maybe they’ve moved up again, I honestly don’t know.

Famous Pisces include Eva Longoria, Albert Einstein, Adam Levine, George Washington, Cindy Crawford, Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger, Kurt Cobain, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carrie Underwood, Daniel Craig, Ke$ha, Steve Jobs, Carrie Underwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Willis, Dr. Seuss, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Ashley Greene, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

So what happens when two dreamy Pisces dreamboats collide? Internet chatter–lots of it. Rihanna and Justin Bieber alledgedly “hooked up.” Really, no pun intended. The whole thing sounds a little fishy, but it just might be true. And this, the story goes, is the reason Selena dumped Justin. Apparently, she’s devastated. Seriously though, 19 and 21? Kidz, go have some fun and if it’s meant to me it will… that’s what Dr. Gwen says.
But let me get back to Astrology because I’m starting to feel like Donald Trump dispensing advice… So, because Pisces’ ruling planet was discovered after the “inner” planets, Pisces was considered ruled by Jupiter up until 1846. But when the “outer” planet Neptune, was discovered, Pisces was assigned joint rulership under both: big Jupiter and watery Neptune.
As a result, Pisces is thought to possess gifts from both planets, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and because of this, Pisces is infused with expansive qualities in the mental and emotional realms. Neptune is a planet of the deep. Its energy tugs at the recesses of the mind, and subconscious desires. Jupiter amplifies Neptune’s watery energies in Pisces.
The stone of an avocado is huge, and that‘s why Jupiter calls it her own. The avocado can be easily called a Pisces! Watch out, this one goes down real smooth… Just like two fish in love. Speaking of love, my old bar manager came up with this drink… Cheers!

8 parts silver tequila
4 parts fresh lime juice
4 parts mineral water
4 parts agave
1 ripe avocado
cumin salt blend

Place all ingredients except ice and salt in blender and puree until smooth. Chill in fridge. Serve in a salt rimmed glass.
CUMIN SALT BLEND: Add pinch of ground cumin to bowl of salt and mix with a fork until desired level of piquancy is reached. Do not use iodized salt, ugh.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

pisces’ jupiter yod cocktail hails a blessed 2013


2012: The chart of this year boggles the Astrological mind. A Hollywood writer couldn’t make this stuff up! The synchronicities, degrees, positions, timing, rare alignments, angles and overall extraordinary precision make it clear that every single celestial second of 2012 has been divinely orchestrated for our benefit. It is a gift of healing, for all who accept. No one can heal you, the planets can only help and support your efforts. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth… As Nicholas Culpeper would say, “heal thyself.”

This 12.21.12 we had a yod in the sky. A Yod is a relatively new term that is referred to as the “Finger of God,” because It looks like a skinny triangle, or finger, in the sky. The yod is one of the most important configurations in astrology and is a pretty rare aspect. The energy it creates is unique, precise and complex. Many believe that When a yod shows up, it’s fated. Which brings us to the alleged end of the Mayan calendar… there were two yods! Would you believe that the exact moment the calendar allegedly ended, is the exact moment the yod formed? At the point of the yod, Jupiter symbolizes spiritual enlightenment… On December 21, 2012 the last snooze button will go off on the universe’s clock that has been ringing all year.… Will you wake up or stay asleep? Will you take the higher road of Pisces’ spiritually or the lower road of the status quo? The stakes are high, ease the pressure with a “JUPITER YOD.”

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system… Plants that are ubiquitous, or prolific in nature, such as the plentiful blueberry, fall under the rulership of Jupiter. Additionally, those plants large in stature, such as the pineapple, or that have an abundance of seeds, such as the fig, are ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter, along with Neptune. This is because in the Middle Ages, Neptune, Pisces’ other ruler was not yet discovered. And I base my cocktails on Medieval Astrology. With Jupiter, the glass is always half full… May yours be too! Cheers to 2013!


*2 parts Zodiac Vodka
*1 part fresh lime juice
*1 part simple syrup
*1 bar spoon blueberry preserves
*½ white from one egg (from free range chickens!)
*2 drops orange flower water

Shake over ice. Serve up.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Sunday, April 1, 2012

easter egg libation (made with free range egg)

what better way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ than with an egg-based cocktail? let the kiddies partake in the easter egg hunt while you partake in an easter egg drink!

A NOTE ON EGGS: “normal” eggs you buy in the store will be from a caged hen, unable to stand up in her cage, forced to sit and lay eggs without the proper cycle of rest known as moulting. if the package does not say “free range” they are not, and eggs that are not from free range hens are inherently cruel. hens are cool, they have personalities like a cats and dogs. i know because i have a farm nearby that i visit. please buy free range eggs for easter this year and support the new earth’s humane way of farming… compassion for all species! VISIT BATTERY HEN RESCUE HERE.

PS, the blueberry is ruled by jupiter and is a pisces… get a pretty lavender froth when blueberry meets egg white… this is sure to be a hit at easter dinner. best served in an egg cup!

2 parts Vodka
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part simple syrup
1 barspoon blueberry preserves
½ white from one egg (from free range chickens!)
2 drops orange flower water

shake over ice. SERVE IN AN EGG CUP.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, December 19, 2011

under the stars w/ me, susan miller & todd english

this past holiday i created the cocktails for UNDER THE STARS, an astrology-themed event with famed astrologer SUSAN MILLER and celebrity chef TODD ENGLISH. both of whom, seem to be nice people, which i am glad to report : ) Todd’s head chef was even nice… he shared this culinary tip with me: “gwen, you should toast your spices to bring out the flavor before cooking with them!” oh, says me. DUH, thanks mike the scorpio : ) i have tested this since, and it really does help immensely. SUSAN gave a speech on what 2012 will bring (awesomeness for every sign) and TODD served 4 element-inspired apps, while promoting his latest book. there was a pop-up zodiac shop too, in which IZ glassware was featured. it was a fun night, and hey, now i can say that i’ve been interviewed by the wall street journal. that was cool! read all about it on

as promised, i’m putting all the recipes from UNDER THE STARS online, so now all you zodiac junkies can drink your very own sign for some extra christmas cheer this year!


The work of Nicholas Culpeper, the father of western herbalism, serves as a guide when i create astrology-themed drinks. His work may still be referred to in online classes at culinary arts schools today. Culpeper’s books are still in print, 300 years after he wrote detailed descriptions of which plants belong to which signs and how to use them medicinally. In Medieval Herbal Astrology, plants have Zodiac signs, just like people. In the Medieval times only seven planets had been discovered as opposed to nine today. Therefore, since these drinks are based on Medieval Herbal Astrology, the ancient ruling planet for each sign is referenced.

“under the stars” was sponsored by TYKU, perrier and jim beam, the recipes call for these fine products. cheers!

Aries’ Cocktail features CRANBERRY as its star ingredient! Aries is ruled by Mars: The scarlet, fiery, hot planet. Flavors that are very spicy or very tart are often ruled by Mars. The cranberry’s bright crimson color, underscored by its tangy flavor certainly betrays its allegiance to the red planet, and is hence an Aries.

2 oz sochu, 2 oz cranberry syrup, 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice, perrier
(shake over ice and strain pour into an ice packed collins glass. Top with Perrier. Garnish with a floating fresh cranberry)

2 c white sugar, 3 c water, 1 c fresh cranberries, peel of half a small orange
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Taurus’ Cocktail features PEPPERMINT as its star ingredient! If its divinely fragrant and tantalizingly tasty, you can bet its ruled by Venus. This beautiful planet rules all fruit, herbs and flowers that are particularly fragrant. Hence, mint falls under the dominion of Venus and may be identified as a Taurus.

2 oz sochu, 1 oz peppermint syrup, 1 oz lemon juice
(served up with a mini candy cane garnish)

3 c white sugar, 2 c water, 1 tsp peppermint extract
(heat until dissolved)

Gemini’s Cocktail features HAZELNUT as its star ingredient! Culpeper lists the hazelnut under Mercury. The tree’s delicate leaves & flowers are indicative of this planet’s fleeting & wispy qualities. After all, Mercury is the fastest orbiting planet in our solar system. hazelnut is a Gemini.

2 oz sochu, 1 oz hazelnut cocoa syrup, 1 oz creamer
(served up with a few pcs of floating chopped hazelnut garnish)

1 c “NUTELLA” spread,2 c water
(heat lightly and whisk until blended)

Cancer’s Cocktail features EGG as its star ingredient! The egg is ruled by the Moon, as is Cancer. They share the traits of a hard outer shell and a soft, pale, fleshy inside. Cancer is known for its innate creativity, along with a desire to “nest.” What symbolizes those two qualities more than the egg?

2 oz whiskey, 1 oz ‘nog anise syrup, 1 oz creamer
(served up with a floating star anise)

1 c brown sugar, 1 ½ c water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 5 star anise, 4 tsp chopped, fresh ginger, 3 tsp vanilla extract, 10 cardamom pods
(toast spices over medium low in pan first. then simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Leo’s Cocktail features CLEMENTINE as its star ingredient! The bright, round, orange-colored, life-giving star of our solar system, the Sun, rules over Leo. Because the clementine bears a heavy physical resemblance to the sun, it is given ruler ship under it. The clementine is a Leo.

2 oz sochu, 1 oz clementine rosemary syrup, 1 1/2 oz lemon juice
(served over ice topped with Perrier. Garnish with a slice of clementine)

2 chopped clementines, ¼ c chopped fresh rosemary, 2 c white sugar, 2 c water
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Virgo’s Cocktail features POMEGRANATE as its star ingredient! The pomegranate is ruled by Mercury due to its astringent qualities. Mercury is the fleet-footed planet and therefore holds ownership over anything that is fast-binding and drying in nature. That is why the pomegranate is a Virgo.

1 oz sochu, 1 oz tyku liqueur, 1 1/2 oz pomegranate grenadine, 1/2 oz lemon juice
(serve up and garnish with 3 floating pomegranate seeds)

Equal parts 100% pomegranate juice and water
(simmer for 20-30 minutes)

Libra’s Cocktail features SUGAR PLUM as its star ingredient! Libra is ruled by the Venus, the beautiful planet. Venus holds dominion over things that are sugary sweet, succulent, attractive and delectable in nature. A perfectly ripe, juicy plum would certainly fall under ruler ship of Venus, and may be called a Libra.

1 oz sochu, 1 oz tyku liqueur, 1 oz plum syrup, 1 oz lemon juice
(serve up and garnish with a sugar rim)

2 c white sugar, 3 c water, 2-3 chopped fresh plums
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Scorpio’s Cocktail features CLOVE as its star ingredient! The incredibly pungent and powerful clove is ruled by none other than what many refer to as the planet of war, Mars. Really, it is the planet of passion and the strength to defend and protect. In fact, clove is so strong it can be used to defeat Cancer. Today, Scorpio is considered co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.

1 oz sochu, 1 oz sake, 1 oz lemon juice, 1 oz clove chili syrup, perrier
(served over ice, topped with perrier, garnished with a floating clove and straw)

1 c white sugar, 3 c water, 2-3 pinches cloves, 1 small handful or approx 20 dried chili arbols
(toast chilis and clove over medium low in pan first. simmer for 15-20 minutes and strain)

Sagittarius’ Cocktail features FIG as its star ingredient The vast number of seeds in a fig makes it a fruit ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. This huge planet is the owner of all things Ubiquitous, prolific, abundant and colossal in nature. This is why the fig is listed as a Sagittarius.

2 oz whiskey, 1 ¼ oz fig syrup, ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
(shake over ice and strain into glass. Garnish with a dried fig slice)

1 c fresh chopped figs, 1 c white sugar, 2 c water
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Capricorn’s Cocktail features MOLASSES as its star ingredient! Discarded as a by-product, molasses is the almost black, densely thick, mildly bittersweet syrup that is born from the dregs of the sugar cane plant. Saturn symbolizes frugality, austerity and scarcity. Molasses is ruled by Saturn due to the nature of its genesis.

2 oz whiskey, 1 oz gingerbread syrup, 1 oz creamer
(served up with a slice of candied ginger garnish)

GINGERBREAD SYRUP: 2 c brown sugar, 2 c water, 1 c molasses, 5 tbsp chopped fresh ginger
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Aquarius’ Cocktail features CEDAR as its star ingredient! Saturn is the slowest moving planet, symbolizing longevity and resilience. Plants ruled by this constant planet are extremely hardy in nature–take for example the famously pest and weather-resistant cedar tree. Today Aquarius is considered co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. That’s why cedar is an Aquarius.

1 oz sochu, 1 oz sake, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 1 oz cedar syrup
(served up with a sugar rim)

2 c white sugar, 2 c water, 1 c dried cedar tip needles
(toast cedar over medium low in pan first. simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Pisces’ Cocktail features CHESTNUT as its star ingredient! The chestnut tree’s diameter can be as great as 17 feet, which epitomizes the grandiose qualities of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. Today, Pisces is considered co-ruled by Jupiter and the more recently discovered Neptune. The chestnut is a Pisces and sheer size alone is what determines that.

2 oz whiskey, 1 oz chestnut syrup, 1 oz creamer
(served up a chestnut slice garnish)

2 c white sugar, 2 c water, 1 c chopped and peeled roasted chestnuts
(simmer for 20-30 minutes and strain)

Slice each nut prior to baking with a knife, but try not to penetrate flesh. Then it will be easier to slice them for garniature.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Saturday, June 13, 2009

zodiaco pisces – comida mercado fresco is a pisces

comida2.jpg so, COMIDA MERCADO FRESCO, the joint where i now tend bar has a great cocktail menu. one of the offerings is pictured below, happily gleaming against the sunny sidewalk between 83 and 82nd street on columbus avenue. i’m proud to say that i helped put together COMIDA’S splendidly interesting cocktail menu, and this drink is significant because it bears COMIDA’S sun sign, or restaurant sign (laugh if you will). yup, like you and me, like the birds and the bees, like new york city itself, restaurants have zodiac signs. and that is because anything with a point of conception, a birth, a beginning, has a sign. COMIDA opened on march 11th which makes it fall under the rulership of dreamy, feeling, seductive pisces.

ok, so why blueberry? jupiter rules over everything bountiful, and no berry quite proliferates the way bayberry does on the bush. its almost impossible to pick them all once they get going! and because pisces is co-ruled by neptune and jupiter, due to medieval herbal astrology, blueberries are piscean!

what else are blueberries good for? hmnn… renowned astro docter, nicholas culpeper, claims that “the pulp of the berries made into a conserve with sugar is good for an old cough, an ulcer in the lungs, staying the vomiting or for binding the belly.” yum. so, next time you’re suffering from any of the aforesaid, swing by for a ZODIACO PISCES at COMIDA.

Zodiaco Piscis:
3 oz Pisco
3 barspoons blueberry jam
1 oz sour mix (half simple syrup/half fresh clear citrus)
shake very hard and strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, June 16, 2008

honeysuckle sour – pisces is sweeter than honey


pisces sweet pisces… when they are good, they are very good. but when they are bad, they are very bad. i guess this can be said about everyone, but with pisces it always seems to be more so.

more enjoyable. more fun. more seductive. more addictive. more cool. more sensual. more thoughtful. more intelligent. more captivating. more and more wonderful every day until it’s just not. and then it’s more painful, more alienating. more simplistic. more naive. more boring. more treacherous. more elusive. more withdrawn. pisces is the duplicitous fish whose compassionate nature attracts others easily.

i love pisces, and seem to draw them out… feeding my addiction to seafood i suppose. inevitibly pisces will decide that suddenly they don’t love me, and i’m left baffled and wounded. but, their’s is sweet nectar worth shedding some blood to taste.

honeysuckle is a pisces due to it’s invasive property of overtaking the lawn on which its planted. it spreads, like jupiter, the planet of expansion. way back when, jupiter ruled pisces. now that we identify neptune as pisces’ ruling planet, jupiter is still considered pisces’ co-ruling planet. (due to it’s delicate white flowers it also has a lot of mercury in it, making it partly virgo and gemini).

this is an amazing fragrant tipple, probably one of my faves. the strong floral scent of pisces’ honeysuckle sour will intoxicate you more that the alcohol itself. enjoy one with a pisces and you will have found happiness. at least for a while ; )


1.5 OZ GIN



mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

grapefruit mojito – pisces will drink this like a fish

grapefruit-mojito.jpg the queen of all fruits citrus is the grapefruit. she wins by sheer size. for her highness is ruled by jupiter, the planet we earthlings refer to as our largest. once upon a time pisces was believed to be under the sole rulership of jupiter. then neptune was discovered, and the two fishes are now thought to be jointly ruled by both neptune and jupiter. which brings us back to the DD sized grapefruit, and to me more specific, to grapefruit mojitos. if any sign likes to drink it is that of pisces. and this particular tipple goes down smoother than most, my fifth one tonight can attest to that. so here’s to pisces, one of my favorite signs of the zodiac… gentle, psychic, tasteful, compassionate, dreamy. unfortunately for the rest of us, they are slippery too. if you’ve ever tried to catch koi in your parent’s extremely deep, cold, murky fish pond, you’ll know how hard it is to catch pisces. you are quite the sportsman to catch her successfully, my compliments to your extraordinary fishing skills! enjoy your catch, serve her a grapefruit mojito.

3 fresh mint sprigs
2 tsp raw organic sugar
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz light rum
grapefruit soda

In flat-bottomed glass, muddle mint, sugar and lime. add crushed ice and rum until glass is about 2/3 full and stir. Top off with grapefruit soda. garnish with sprig of mint or peel of grapefruit.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Sunday, October 21, 2007

never enough – pisces on shoes and drink

sage_pineapple.gifthe sign whose mood may sometimes plunge to the bottom of the ocean, rules that which plunges to the bottom of the body – the foot is ruled by pisces. and so she is constantly fishing for beautiful shoes for each of her fishy feet to don. no, pisces can never have too many boots, or too many cocktails. and as much as they love shoes and drink, i love them. they are dreamy yet realistic, motivated yet relaxed, and one of my favorite signs. cheers to you pisces!

NEVER ENOUGH (pineapple sage margarita)

2 wedges fresh pineapple
4 fresh sage leaves
2 fresh organic lime wedges*
1/4 oz organic raw simple syrup*
1 3/4 oz silver tequila

muddle pineapple, sage, lime, simple syrup in mixing glass until well macerated. add tequila and shake over ice vigorously for ten seconds. strain into martini glass.

* simple syrup is a blend of equal parts sugar and water. use organic raw for more flavor. agitate every so often until fully dissolved and store in fridge.

* of course, using organic fruit is always recommended. but in the case of muddling the skin of the fruit , such as the lime in this recipe, it is highly recommended to avoid direct toxin contact.

thanks to anistatia miller and jared brown for this recipe, and the simple syrup recipe above. the pineapple sage margarita was originally created by the LONSDALE in london.



mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Friday, August 31, 2007

dandelion daquiri – a piscean libation, thanks to jupiter

well, you may know, after my reciting it a hundred times on this blog, that jupiter is the planet of excess. pisces is co-ruled by jupiter and the more recently discovered, outer planet of neptune. i think we can all agree, that in spring, the amount of dandelions on our lawn is certainly excessive. the rampant spreading of those little yellow heads, and the troublesome fluff that they become, is progeny of jupiter. this invasive weed however, is not without merit. and what is a weed, but a plant we have no use for? in actuality though, dandelions make delicious wine. my mom used to gather the heads to make wine during the “spring flush,” when most people were running their lawn mower over them in exasperation. and the leaves of dandelion are good for stirfries and salads during the early spring weeks, before they get bitter. medicinally, this little yellow pest is supposedly a powerful digestive aid, in addition to many other health-enhancing properties. perhaps the element of dandelion that best captures pisces dream-like nature, is the tradition of blowing all the seeds off making a wish. if there’s any sign that can wish, and dream, and ponder, and get lost in their make-believe sea world, it is the dreamy fishes with their fantastical wishes. but by far, the smartest way to utilize jupiter’s golden bounty, is by infusion and consumption!

2 oz dandelion infused white rum*
3/4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup*
dandelion for garnish (if you can find one)

*prepare dandelioninfusion by pulling the yellow petals off of the head. be sure to avoid any green. place approx one cup full in a 750 ml bottle of white rum. allow to sit for several weeks in dark location. to use, run through strainer and store.

*simple syrup is a mixture of 50% sugar and water. place in container and shake or stir until dissolved.

(recipe created by gwen sutherland kaiser)

dandelion_headsm.gifsee Dandelion Cointreau Infusion

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Monday, July 30, 2007



The plentiful blueberry is ruled by the abundant planet of Jupiter. Today, as i crouched on my knees for what seemed like an eternity, this was quite apparent. Hundreds and hundreds of little blue balls, begging to be picked before they fell to the ground, spent. That is why, my friends, the expansive and benefic plant of Jupiter rules over the prolific blueberry. 1 1/2 hours of toil got me the bowlful below. Phwew, talk about hard work. All worth it though, as I sip my BLUE BALLS -N- SAGE, and revel in the healthyness. blueberries are a diuretic, loaded with flavonoids and caretenoids. Say no to colon cancer, drink a lot of BLUE BALLS -N- SAGE. A recent study found them to cut the risk of such by 57%. Unfortunetly, it was an animal study, which in no way, shape or form does I.Z. approve of. But none the less, these little blue balls are healthy, which is more than I can say for the other type of blue balls.


15 – 20 sage leaves
1/4 cup sugar (organic is great)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries (frozen will work)
1 1/2 oz tequila (partido is great)
1 oz fresh lemon juice (lime is fine)

In food processor, puree sage and sugar until leaves are ground up. Add blueberries and puree until almost smooth. Add mixture to blender, along with 2 cups crushed ice, tequila and lemon juice. Garnish with blueberries. (Recipe created by Gwen Sutherland Kaiser)

blueberries.gifsage.gifTri-colored sage in my container garden (not the pink leaves).

rub yourself in blue balls

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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