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Thursday, December 20, 2007

are you a confused cusp baby?

well fear not, help is here. in the form of the ever faithful farmers’ almanac. i’m always running into people that tell me they were born on the cusp. well, that’s highly unlikely as it is a rarity to actually be born in the few hours in which the sun moves from one constellation to the next. and to make matters more confusing, that particular date changes from year to year. it is believed that being born near this period will imbue on the individual, traits from both signs. after some research i do believe this to be true. but, you are one sign or the other when you get down to the nitty gritty of it. (which by the way, due to the complexity of our natal charts, we each have some of almost every sign in all of us!)

that i’m aware of, there are a few ways to find out if you were truly born on the cusp, or just near the cusp, and exactly which sign you really are.

***keep in mind that you need to know your exact time and location of birth to proceed with any of these. if you do not have this information, call the town hall in the town where you were born and explain that you are looking for a birth certificate that contains your birth time.

NOTE: if you simply request one from the state (new york, anyway,) or use an internet service, you will often times be sent a birth certificate that lacks this important information! unbelievably, it will list only your birth date. it is worth your time and energy to make a few phone calls and get the right information. usually you’ll need to write a notarized letter and send a small check… but it’s worth it – after all, it’s all about you!

1. refer to the farmers’ almanac for the year you were born. the page above is straight out of this year’s almanac. it couldn’t be easier to read! there are two ways that i know of to get an old farmers’ almanac. one is to go to your library. not many will archive this information. in new york, only the state capital library contains it. the second way is to buy it online from ebay or a plethora of other sites. just google your birth year + farmers’ almanac. surprisingly, old issues are pretty inexpensive. there’s a teensy chance this method won’t work if you happen to be born in the hours of transition due to time zone inaccuracy. but, chances are you’ll get your money’s worth with the farmer’s almanac.

2. contact a professional astrologer and have your chart professionally done. i recommend auntie moon, and molly claiborne; ask ELSA, and patrice kamins or new york cult astrologer, susan miller.

3. lastly, learn to read an ephemeris, which is daily list of planetary movements. this of course, requires a crash course in astrology. for that i reco the NY chapter of NCGR.

4. this is kind of the ghetto way, but if funds are tight then it’ll have to do! go to as many free rising sign sites as you can find and read your profiles on all of them. choose the one that sounds most like you, and that comes up most often. narrow it down by the law of averages and voila… you now have your most likely rising sign! here are some great free rising sign sites: (you’ll need to join), about:astrology, a terrific phone app is CELESTE, and for more just google “free rising sign.”

so there we are… once and for all, the cusp baby dilemma… resolved! (special thanks to my niece gia for being a good little gemini. what an oxymoron : )

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