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Thursday, May 1, 2014

salted mezcal cider compliments of capricorn


i could drink a lot of these. sweet, sour, smoky and salty. all part of a naughty mexican treat.

technically, agave belongs to scorpio/aries… apple cider belongs to taurus/libra… salt belongs to cancer… but i’m assigning this drink to CAPRICORN. why? because smoke is ruled by saturn and can go cappie/aquarius.

and this drink is all about smoke. i love it. and i’m a goat. it’s mine!!! so i hereby proclaim this to be a drink of capricorn. but i’m gonna let you guys have the recipe so you can make your own and pretend it’s yours…

making this drink even more capricornian, btw, is my vintage mexican bag in the background. goats love antiques. even real goats. i remember when i was a kid (ha), my pet goat- felisha -grabbed an antique newspaper out of a collector’s hand and devoured it on the spot. so, celestial goats and furry goats are both very into vintage!


6 oz hard cider (standard cider‘s true companion)
2 oz del maguey crema de mezcal (organic)

rim glass with agave dipped in himalayan pink salt.

serve over ice, or not! cheers!

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac


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