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Friday, March 16, 2012

japan is sippin’ scorpio: the Fukushima kooler

In honor of Japan’s one year Fukushima anniversary, i present the Fukushima Kooler. i don’t believe in coincidence. 911 was no accident and i don’t believe 311 (Fukushima) was either. now, one year to the week later, intense earth tremor activity is again occurring in japan. while the original Fukushima disaster was caused by the rogue factions of world governments, these most recent tremors are mother earth’s way of saying i know what you did and have not forgotten.

mother earth, or Gaia, is a living, breathing, conscious being just like you and I. we are all cohabitating on a self-sustaining space ship called earth. we were tricked by the aforementioned rogue factions of our world governments into believing that we are not in control of our destiny and earth is a harsh place to live, and nothing is further from the truth. actually, we are all just avatars of our real selves playing an incredibly real video game. dark against the light… positive versus negative… you know the deal, it’s called duality. but what you may not realize is that it’s just a play you’re acting in. the ultimate bad guy, lucifer, also signed up to play this game, as did every member of the rogue faction of the world governments. if you don’t believe me then please explain why lucifer’s name translates to “light bearer.”

so, if you’d like the universe, or the rogue team, to stop jerking you around… you do have the power. think of your body like a car… if you refuse to drive your own steering wheel, then someone else will do it for you. because everyone knows a car cannot drive itself. team rogue has been steering all of our cars for a very long time, and i’m ready to drive on my own now. aren’t you? they’d like us to drive a fred flinstone jalope. but wouldn’t you prefer to drive a hybrid electric flying porshe? it has never been easier to take the wheel. watch the rogues fall from their positions of power… our new highway is being built and it’s called 2012. what was once referred to as conspiracy theory will become known as truth. so, open your mind to miracles and your heart to magic. know that we are not alone. we have angels, ascended masters, benevolent aliens, and secret societies of earth on our team.

building the new earth, is easier than you might think. for example, did you know that you can change the weather among other crazy things just by using a technique called THETAHEALING? i do it all the time. many japanese people have been removing the radiation from their contaminated food by using theta healing. and did you know that we have teams of “good aliens” working amongst us to help us out of this mess we got ourselves into? it helps to understand that we are ALL aliens. none of us started off on earth. we all “came” here. aliens are simply versions of us from other corners of the universe! and aliens have been on this planet for eons. how do you think the pyramids got here? how do you think we got up into space? hello crop circles? why do you think the government denies their existence? why do you think there are so many scary alien movies out there? to brainwash us into thinking aliens are bad, that’s why! aliens are here to help so let’s let em do what they came to do!

but back to astrology, the country of japan is a libra. on one side of its scales she weighs the ancient traditions of her past (whaling) against the progressive innovations of the present future. japan is still an insultingly patriarchal society, but ironically their scientists create the world’s leading inventions. they can make fuel from water. they invented kangen water, which cures cancer. imagine the inventions they haven’t yet shared with the world!

tamarind is ruled by mars, ancient ruler of scorpio. scorpio symbolizes the phoenix rising from the ashes of fukishima. japan is rebirthing itself like the greatest of scorpios. the rest of the world watches in awe as the japanese people calmly take each beyond challenging day in their stride. even their pets are to be commended. japans’s handling of this UNnatural disaster is admiral. so, cheers to japan.

2 oz shochu
2 lychees
tamarind water
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz agave
2 dashes peach bitters
***muddle a lychee and bitters. add shochu, agave, lime. shake and double strain into an ice-packed high ball. top with tamarind water. garnish with a lychee.

(PS, shochu is a japanese spirit that contains about half the calories and alchohol content of most booze. good for lightweights, great for the bikini)

***this is the most DELICIOUS juice. it’s great to drink alone, but we are using it in a cocktail here.
***buy tamarind pods at most ethnic markets and of course online. look for the sour ones, not the sweet ones.
***peel between 15-20 tamarind pods, leaving veins attached. simmer with 8 cups sugar and 16 cups water for 20-30 minutes. macerate to the best of your ability in the pot. then strain. will last a couple weeks in the fridge.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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