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Sunday, February 19, 2012 offers compatibility charts!

if this valentine’s day came and went with YOU, celebrating YOU, alone… good! after all, you must love YOU, before you can love someone else TOO. but, according to psychics, 2012 is a kick off year that will ignite the meetings of TWIN FLAMES and MOST COMPATIBLE SOUL MATES the world over. that trend continues on after 2012–casual sex is destined to become a thing of the past. so, if you’re ready to use the new unconditional love energy of 2012, i recommend ASTROLOGYDATING to fast track yourself to coupledom.

ASTROLOGYDATING is a groundbreaking new site that factors in more than JUST your SUN sign (like most sites). the ASTROLOGYDATING precision database calculates your MOST IMPORTANT planetary elements and compares them to prospects in your very own customized COMPATIBILITY REPORT. in short, ASTROLOGYDATING takes you and your prospect’s natal chart, lays them on top of each other, and observes which areas touch which areas, and how they touch. how’s that for zodiac foreplay? that’s just the beginning, baby! imagine…

“dear “pisces X,” your venus touches my sixth house in a way i never dreamed possible… can this horny capricorny buy you a drink?”

so, i put ASTROLOGYDATING to the test, and ordered a COMPATIBILITY REPORT to see how “pisces X” and me matched up romantically. i got tons of different mini-readings describing us sexually, emotionally, ect. this was my fave:

“Although you two have a good time together, there is a hazard of being over-enthusiastic with food and drink as well as with financial resources. You encourage each other, but you may be encouraging each other in the wrong directions. Get a designated driver who’ll also hold your wallet (literally or figuratively) and you’ll be safe.”

dear readers, i’ll keep you posted on how it goes with “pisces X.”

besides dating, ASTROLOGYDATING is AWESOME for self discovery. sign up for FREE and get the most amazing, accurate natal chart reading right off the bat. and on top of that, you’ll receive DAILY SCOPES to your inbox which are some of the best i’ve ever read. (i normally HATE daily scopes, i’m a monthly kind of girl). but since i joined ASTROLOGYDATING, i actually look forward to reading my DAILY SCOPE. miracles never cease–maybe i will find mr. right this year.

joining ASTROLOGYDATING should definitely be on your TO DO LIST for this coming week!!!

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