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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pumpkin spice hot toddy-cancer hosts thanksgiving

this tasty toddy is a best seller at comida. here’s how to make it… but first, let’s talk astrology. pumpkin is ruled by the moon and is hence a cancer. its a cool fruit, requiring plenty of water, which it retains in its soft, pale flesh. and wouldn’t you know that thanksgiving is the family, best celebrated in a relative’s home, with loved ones. cancer is the familial sign, the cosmic homemaker. how perfectly fitting then, that one of thanksgiving’s favorite rituals–pumpkin pie– is ruled by the sign who most appreciates this holiday… cancer!

roast 1 sugar pumpkin whole. after it is cooked, slice into thin strips. place in pot, bowl or other container before covering with 1 bottle vodka. it is fine to leave the seeds in the infusion. add 5 cinnamon sticks, and 1 nutmeg. smash the nutmeg with a hammer or something heavy to break it open before adding it to mixture (see photo at bottom). cover and set aside for at least one week, stirring often. the more time you allow it to infuse the stronger the flavor will be. when you are ready to use the vodka, strain and make sure to press all the vodka out of the pumpkin.

these cocktails are perfect after dinner treats, but they’re also fun and festive, making them the ideal thanksgiving icebreaker too. be extra fab this year, and greet your thanksgiving guests at the door—they’ll be thanking you all day! or, bring the ingredients with you… so much cooler than marshmallow yams.

pour into mug: 2 oz pumpkin infused vodka, 1/2 oz vanilla liqueur (licor 43 or navan). fill with hot water. top with whipped cream. sprinkle with nutmeg.

in bowl, beat 1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla (optional) until stiff. it will last a few days. don’t overbeat it or you will end up with butter!

the toddy tastes dandy without dairy, so if you’re a vegan, or lactose intolerant just leave off the cream, for a yummy dairy-free treat. garnish with a cinnamon stick instead.

3 oz pumpkin vodka, 1 oz vanilla liqueur (licor 43 or navan), splash of cream or non-dairy creamer (coconut creamer is awesome). shake over ice and strain into martini glass. sprinkle with nutmeg.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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