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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

drinking japan: new book advises where to drink

japan might just be the coolest country in the world. after all, the entire world shops japan for new fashion, product and eco trends—tokyo, specifically. apart from their little whale fetish, the japanese people have it going on, big time. because of this, i am really proud that intoxicated zodiac candles are sold in japan, and i can’t wait to get over there myself! when i do finally make it to the “coolhunting” destination of the fashion world, this book will be packed in my suitcase. “DRINKING JAPAN: A GUIDE TO JAPAN’S BEST DRINKS AND DRINKING ESTABLISHMENTS” by chris bunting, is not only a fascinating and comprehensive read, but a charitable one as well. with every purchase a portion is donated to japan earthquake relief—and yes, the effects of the quake are still an unlivable nightmare for those affected. (just because it’s never mentioned on USA TV doesn’t mean it’s not still beyond bad over there.) one more reason to buy this book and go to japan asap—they need all the tourism support the world can give them! but, even if you are not traveling in japan, this book is still really great. anyone who is fascinated by the wonderful world of spirits will take pleasure in flipping the pages of this entertaining and insightful book. so, for christmas this holiday, get your friend this stocking stuffer along with a bottle of saki, and they will be instantly cool… cool, like japan. ($24.95 USD)

BTW, japan is a libra! betcha didn’t know that…

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