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Thursday, September 16, 2010

astro shrink: water, water everywhere…

kangentiniThe Environmental Protection Agency warned that drinking water pollution is one of the top environmental threats to our health. Contaminants are routinely measured in municipal drinking water including lead, cadmium, mercury, metals, pesticides, fertilizers, and chlorine. These can enter your body not only by drinking the water, but through bathing in it.

Our blood is 90% water and our muscle tissue is 75% water. We need to drink clean water to deliver nutrients and oxygen, discharge metabolic wastes, and clear out toxins. Our ultimate goal is to relieve the body from daily environmental stressors, but what do we do when
fluoride waterone of these stressors is our own water? Although water from our faucets and city water supplies is ordinarily safe from bacteria and harmful organisms, undesirable contaminants in the water are an ongoing concern.

One of these contaminants is fluoride. As an additive to public water supplies, fluoride has been banned as unsafe for public health in many countries, yet it is added to many municipal water supplies in the United States with assurances that it is a “proven health measure.” Michael Barbee, author of Politically Incorrect Nutrition says, “Fluoride improperly mineralizes many tissues, including bones, joints, and teeth. It also disarms the immune system and calcifies the pineal gland.”

Despite the urgings of dentists, fluoride may not be necessary to protect teeth. Tooth decay appears to result from a poor diet and lack of basic hygiene. You can read more about this theory at And if you’re interested in how fluoride became so widespread, read The Fluoride Deception, written by Christopher Bryson, which details how public opinion has been molded to believe fluoridation is a good thing. See a review of Bryson’s book at

(photo) toxic-tap-waterFluoride and other contaminants aside, we still must find a way to have healthy drinking water. Coffee, sodas, and other commercial drinks don’t adequately hydrate the body like pure water does. Lack of water in the body weakens immunity and increases susceptibility to disease because water actually protects cells from diseases and viruses. When your cells lack water, it is easier for foreign invaders to enter them. Adequate water holds the cells in a structure that allows for optimal functioning.

In regard to healthy water, Mu Shik Jhon, Ph.D., author of The Water Puzzle and The Hexagonal Key tells us, “What was once only theory is being confirmed. Water has a specific structure which varies with environmental conditions.” He tells us that water around cancer cells is less structured than water around normal cells. His research has shown that cancer has a common feature: the destruction of the water structure at a cellular level. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon says when hexagonal structure of water near cells is compromised, cells are more vulnerable to (photo) love waterexternal stimuli. Cells surrounded by less structured water are weaker and more prone to malfunction and genetic mutation. “The failure to consider water’s impact during disease may be a glaring oversight,” he says, and goes on to say that water is especially critical for cancer patients, protecting cells from environmental damage. Through this research, some have suggested the possibility of returning cancer cells to a normal state by improving the water environment at a cellular level.

The road to good health involves being adequately hydrated with healthy water. Bottled water is not optimal unless you know the source is pure and it comes in glass, as plastic is an environmental pollutant that can leach toxic chemicals into your water.

What to do? Filter your own drinking, shower, and bath water with high quality filters. Look for filters for your drinking water that eliminate contaminants found in your municipal water. To learn more about the tap water in your community, see the Drinking Water website for the United States Environmental Protection Agency at

GWEN’S THOUGHTS: i love ASTRO SHRINK’S post this month, because i’m all about the water! after studying kangen water for 6 months now, the ground breaking research on water i have found has left me flabbergasted. forget about food. forget about nutrients (for now.) forget about everything except straightening out your water supply. a dependable source of high quality water needs to be your number one priority. then worry about the other stuff. every single disease in the world comes from a single trigger: dehydration in the body. lack of absorption. problem solved. it’s almost too simple. change your water, change your life. i have been going on about the alkalinity of kangen water, which is great at resetting the ph of our body to a normal state by reducing the acid. 2_wash_car (photo) but, equally important is the molecular structure of the kangen water molecule. it is highly structured, and i’m told that this can be witnessed this by washing your car. the combination of soapy water on the waxed car will bead up, but kangen water will create sheets. this illustrates the water’s connective properties, which enables kangen water to move through our the body 3 dimensionally. this is akin to spirits walking through the walls of a house, the same way the spirit of this water moves through the walls our our cells. kangen water does not use the traditional pathways, or veins for lack of a better word, that regular water uses. ASTRO SHRINK advises everyone to seek out the best possible water for themselves and their loved ones, (photo) marriage-sign-giftand i can promise you all that you need look no farther than your local kangen water distributor. this is the rolls royce of water. the cream of the crop. don’t put a price tag on your health. get kangen! if you can’t find one, email and here’s a great idea, if you’re getting married, or having a Bat Mitzvah, birthday, ect… but a kangen machine on your gift list, because kangen is the china ; ) hear, hear, a toast to raising the vibration of our planet through water…

give the gift life: GIVE WATER. watch the movie trailer HERE.


christinaDr. Christina Grant is a holistic healer and spiritual counselor who uses astrology in her work to help people better understand their purpose and life circumstances. She works in person and by phone. She has helped hundreds of people attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through personal transformation. Her writing is published nationwide. To learn more, see WWW.CHRISTINAGRANT.COM

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