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Friday, December 14, 2007

new york holds its first liquor auction since prohibition

christys.gifwe have yet to see repeal day legalized, but at least new york (the city that never drinks) has gotten over the liquor auction hump! yes, for the first time since prohibition, christy’s was able to do what it’s been doing for years in europe: selling off spirits. only seven other states allow such auctions: Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Texas and District of Columbia. Seventeen states allow wine auctions. last saturday night, a rare macallan scotch brought the top price of $54K, and a private collection of 729 vintage scotches went for and impressive $104K. i think we’ve got a trend here… spirit auctions are going to the place to see and be seen.


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

hendrick’s, a gin oddly made

people tell me i’m odd. supposedly its from the uranus decile midheaven point in my chart. i also suspect my parents being wacked out of their gourds has something to do with it. whatever the reason, i think this is the reason i’m smitten with hendricks gin. is it because they admit to be a most unusual gin? or that they boast they’re not for everyone? and that it’s preferred by 1 out of 1,000 gin drinkers? probably… i always route for the underdog – even if it is the product of a slick marketing campaign. yes, the website is pure brilliance… easy to navigate, no flash crap, wonderful illustrations and eccentric publicity events that make the hendricks’ sip and shine look normal. (they’re funding in part, The Victorian Art of Tease – BURLESQUE! staring Miss Immodesty Blaize and Walter (the Victorian Gentleman) in London. luckily, hendrick’s tastes as great as it’s website looks. gin’s my fave anyway, and add to that the fact that it’s manufactured in scotland, from which my family hails… well i didn’t stand a chance. it’s “unusual” rose cucumber infusion is delightfully apparent, and they’ve even roped in dale degroff to whip up a dozen or so original recipes. which are true “bar cheffing” recipes, and very impressive. as usual, many of the ingredients can’t be found in the US… oooh that makes me so mad!!! HENDRICK’S GIN


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

drunkest city results are in

72653.jpg(photo: beyond cocktails; ron’s log)

i’m so ashamed. my new york isn’t even on the list. surprisingly, neither is vegas. i guess the city that never sleeps doesn’t have time to tipple either. and vegas, well, they’re too busy gambling and to listening celine dion. denver and anchorage topped the list. i suppose witnessing the polar ice thaw would make me drink too. and i just dunno what to say about denver. see the list here on msn.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

swag has arrived – fashionably muddled

muddler.jpgYAH! Intoxicated Zodiac is starting a newsletter : ) And to get you all to sign up, i’m resorting to bribery! everyone’s got their price, right? Well, how does a one-of-a-kind cocktail muddler sound? Made from sustainably harvested vermont birch and hand turned by local new york artisans. Not available anywhere else, it’s uniquely eco-chic. SIGN UP NOW and be entered to win this beautiful and invaluable bartending tool (10″length, 1.5″diameter).



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• ECO TIP (because even drunks should recycle)

• RAFFLE (subscriber monthly giveaway featuring IZ products)

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

flowering quince julep – hard to get for aquarius


how appropriate that the quince is co-ruled by saturn, and is therefore a product of aquarius. where apple is the forbidden fruit, quince is the misunderstood fruit. most americans, if you ask them, won’t even know what it is! these apple / pear hybrid lookalikes can be found only for a brief period during the fall at farmer’s markets and gourmet grocers. if you do manage to secure a fresh quince, don’t bite into it, as inviting as it’s flesh looks. like the sign of the water bearer, it is not as it appears. a raw quince will both break your tooth and taste something awful. so, what to do with a quince… what to do with aquarius? my dad is one, and i tell you, i just don’t know! these personalities – as warm and brilliant as they are – can be hard to understand. kind of like a ouija board. not quite sure how it works, just know that it does. if you’re very lucky you’ll score both the quince and aquarius… she’s the most peculiar sign with a delightful sense of spontaneaty. never a dull moment with aquarius. she’s delicously fun, just like her pet fruit, the quince.



1 oz quince liqueur
1 oz bourbon
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup

add all ingredients to ice filled shaker and agitate vigorously for ten seconds. pour contents including ice into chilled goblet. (chill by placing in freezer or filling with ice prior to use).

quince liqueur is hard to get! i’ve found two places online, none of which are in the states: New Zealand and the UK, and the UK, and the UK.

***or you can make your own using one of the many recipes i’ve found online:

thanks to BRICIOLE for hosting WEEKEND HERB BLOGGING #112.


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

organic wine – bet you didn’t know…

story.jpgcynthia has made the brilliant mistake of sending me an interesting story. she didn’t blog it, but i will… thanks cindy! what an interesting article on organic wine and why it’s not what you might think. like many organic farmers, wine masters also, do not agree with our government’s new labeling standards for organic products. on the rare occasion i drink wine, it’s always pinot noir because i don’t get headaches from it. and if there’s an organic pinot noir, i buy that. but now i’ll have to look a little closer. not only will it take me two hours in the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread, but i’ll have to allocate at least half an hour for buying wine! it’s not easy being gwen. apparently, organic certification in wine does not allow for the use of sulfites because they are an added ingredient. however, sulfites happen to occur naturally in fermentation, and are therefore rather an integral component of to wine itself. thus, many wineries are protesting the omission of this natural preservative and have continued to use sulfites anyway. the wine ends up being labeled “made with organic grapes”, instead of “organic” and that is what we should be looking for on a label. so if you’re not diggin the organic wine selection try looking for WINE MADE WITH ORGANIC GRAPES and MINIMAL USE OF SULFITES. that said, i personally have liked most of the organic wines i’ve tried. but i’m no wine aficionado.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

recipe card stocking stuffers

cocktails.gifwondering what to get your tipple toting friend? how bout a deck of cocktail cards from the great mixology maestro, dale degroff. personally, i hate having an awkward floppy paged book to read off of when i’m trying to follow a recipe. flash cards are the best! not only are they small enough to fit in a stocking, or a yahmika , but they’re inexpensive and easy to use. the writing is informative and helpful as the the king of cocktails provides a history of each drink and explicit directions on how to make them. the recipes are divided into four categories: signature classics, martinis, frozen cocktails and inspired classics.($15)

cheese.gif and for the foodie on your list there is a fascinating collection of fifty cheeses in the CHEESE DECK, by max mccalman & david gibbons. everything you ever wanted to know about cheese, and then some. including the history, when and how to serve them, and with which wines… really interesting stuff. and now i know i’ve been pronouncing Gouda wrong my whole life. correct pronunciation is (HOW-dah)! i’m so embarrassed. ($15)

dessert.gif SWEET TOOTH? there’s a dessert deck for that: SHORT & SWEET by gale gand. divided into the categories of chocolate, fruit, puddings & cremes and inspired classics, i just gained a pound from flipping through the cards. my favorite recipes are the lavender shortbread and the passionfruit mousse. now if only i could find some passion fruit without having to go to brasil to get it.($15)

tapas.gif lastly, for the party-throwing hipster, we have a TAPAS deck by jose andres with richard wolffe. fifty little spanish dishes. if you’ve ever been to spain, you’ll know that their TAPAS is the equivilent of our happy hour-only a zillion times better. it’s like eating horsdeuvres for your entire meal. yummy… horsdeuvres are always better than the entrees!($15)

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Friday, December 7, 2007

libras & capricorns on prostitution & dentistry

dentristy is a questionable profession for libra. capricorn, who rules the teeth along with saturn, is much better suited. Libra’s make excellent trophy wives, flirtatious diplomats, solid sex workers. but, dentists, not so much. as i lay helplessly in her big vinyl chair, drooling all over myself, my hygienist informed me that she’s really in the wrong field. oh you don’t say, i thought to myself… she went on to inform me that she’d heard, as a libra, she should have been a prostitute. oh really, i raised my eyebrow… i wondered what we doing here then. shouldn’t she be on a corner somewhere? or in a swanky hotel room? or in some diplomat’s pied-à-terre… massaging something other than a set of gums? She then admitted that, unlike her Libran sister, who would’ve been a wonderful whore because boy is she a slut, turning tricks just wasn’t her thing! well men, i breathed a sigh of relief for you. and as i tasted the blood enter my mouth, i thought – with hands like these, it’s a good thing she missed her call girl calling. i nodded sympathetically and humorously in agreement, thanking god i had another six months before having to undergo the hooking hygienist’s tool again.


which brings me to my latest revelation: holistic dentistry! yes, i finally grew tired of having my mouth raped by the scalpel metal picky thing and ventured out into territory unknown… i wish i’d done it sooner! enter sandra senzon, holistic intergrative dental professional and published author. aptly dubbed the tooth fairy, sandra (a Leo) performed magic on my mouth. here’s the thing… i underwent the cosmetic whitening treatment at BRITE SMILE and now my teeth were falling out of my mouth. minor detail. the extreme ultra violet bleaching method that BRITE SMILE used had caused my gums to recede, and now drinking (HORROR), eating, smiling and brushing were torturous. in the comfort of her chrysler building office with panoramic views of new york city, sandra sprayed her proprietary blend of CAMELIA OIL on my teeth. she then went in and did a thorough cleaning, which i hardly felt at all! MAGIC. this natural oil had done what nothing else had been able to do – stop my pain. i departed with a bottle, along with sandra’s book, REVERSING GUM DISEASE NATURALLY. So impressed was i, that i have made Sandra’s products AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

camelia oil isn’t just for numbing tooth pain naturally. it’s also a great way to whiten teeth safely, without employing harsh bleaching chemicals used by every other tooth whitening product on the market today. it also contains anti-oxidant properties and repels plaque.

sandra discovered camelia oil’s whitening properties while researching the essential oil lavender. traditionally used in skin care, she made the connection between our skin and the skin of our teeth – our gums. since then, she has developed and sold over 8,000 bottles to her tooth spa clients in the flavors of lavender (gemini & virgo), eucalyptus (leo) and peppermint (taurus & libra).
herbs1.gifa visit to the TOOTH SPA is not your typical dentist appointment. for starters, you’ll find only essential oils and natural products, like the echinacea toothpaste – which BTW is completely non-abrasive and 100% edible – unlike conventional brands. but the best is that antique salt trays are used as receptacles – how cool! sandra also studies canine meridian relationships in diagnosing your toothy problem. i had no idea that each tooth is related to a different parts of the body, not unlike acupuncture and reflexology.

“Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via these meridians, or energy highways. This connection is so strong that a biological dentist can often accurately guess your dental history simply by reviewing your physical symptoms.”

some other things i learned in my quest for healthy teeth: 1) hydrosonic cleaning is no better than the old fashioned dental pick and axe. they both scrape valuable enamel off your teeth. 2) silver/mercury fillings are bad. replace them if you can, but do it slowly, one at a time and only when you are in peak physical condition. taking them out too fast can create many physical problems. 3) drink light colored cocktails for whiter teeth. duh! mojito anyone?mojito1.gif

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

coolest whiskey bottle ever – and it’s not even scottish!


it wasn’t long ago when i realized just how important japan was in the whiskey world. they happen to be the largest manufacturer of the single-malted stuff after scotland. but, unless you’re an avid whiskey drinker, who would have known? and now the japanese, known more for their sleek sense of cutting edge design than for their whiskey, have combined the two. this creative collaboration has resulted in the coolest looking bottle of whiskey yet.: NIKKA WHISKEY.


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

unlikely places for astrology – harrods & grand central

two of our most iconic addresses share an apparent love of astrology. that would be the world renowned HARRODS in london, and the famous GRAND CENTRAL STATION in new york. the constellations for each sign grace both ceilings, making an allready fascinating trip to either place that much more interesting.



photo credit FLICKR & YEAT’S VISION

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