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Sunday, December 2, 2007

in too deep-fall in love with taurus’ hibiscis mojito


it’s easy to fall in love with Taurus. one of my guy friends swears they’re the best sign in bed, and specifically looks to date Taurus! they are the sign most intimately connected to the earth, and those raw and primal life-force energies. think sex, think food, think comfort, think luxury, think taurus. of course each sign has it’s negatives, and for the loveable bull, that might well be the need for too much sex, too much food, too many mojitos, and too much of that deadly sin known as sloth!

the truly taurean and intoxicating bloom of the hibiscis flower belongs to none other than the goddess of sexuality, venus herself.

IN TOO DEEP (Hibiscis Water Mojito)

2 parts dark rum
1 part fresh squeezed lime juice
1 parts freshly hibiscis water* (see la palapa recipe below)
1 part simple syrup* (use raw, organic sugar)
4 sprigs mint (keep in freezer for mojitos all winter!)

Add rum, simple syrup, lime juice, hibiscis water and 3 sprigs mint to shaker and muddle until desired mint flavor is achieved. Strain ito glass filled with ice. Top with seltzer. Garnish with sprig of mint

* Simple Syrup is made by mixing equal amounts of sugar and water together. THERE IS NO NEED TO HEAT, just simply agitate until mixture is dissolved and store in fridge.

2 quart non-reactive pot, such as enamel, cast iron, stainless steel (the only thing your teflon pots are for is planters—they have been found to cause cancer when heated).
1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (health food store)
2 quarts water

boil the flowers in the water for ten minutes, until they loose some of their color and they become plump and reconstituted. strain the flowers out of th edeep red liquid and sweeten to taste. allow to cool before using. to expediate the process, plunge the pot of water into an ice bath. OR simply allow to cool on it’s own and save the energy it takes to make cubes. (Drink created by Gwen Sutherland Kaiser)


thanks to KALYN’S KITCHEN for hosting WEEKEND HERB BLOGGING #111.


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac


  1. Another yummy sounding drink, and I have mint in my freezer! (Along with a lot of other herbs that might not go so well in a cocktail!)

    Comment by Kalyn — December 3, 2007 @ 3:06 am

  2. i dunno, you’d be surprised how good anything tastes with sugar and lemon!

    Comment by Gwen — December 4, 2007 @ 6:53 am

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