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Saturday, November 10, 2007

elephants tipple too

elephant-fun.jpgand you thought paris liked to drink? no, ellie’s got her beat with a soft spot for rice wine. an incredible story off ECORAZZI reports the sad fact that elephants can be alcoholics too. apparently, while foraging for food, asian elephants discovered vats of fermenting rice wine. they drank it, and have now gotten into the habit of actually seeking it out. can you blame them? thing is though, a pack of drunk elephants wandering around the streets of a small rural village don’t mix well. both peeps and pakaderms get hurt. i have such mixed feelings about this situation. i am saddened by it of course, and can’t help laughing either. but the shock i felt when paris was touched enough to get “involved”, well, i think she might have learned something in the big house after all. or it’s all that chillin with hottie eco celeb adrian… yummy like rice wine!


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  1. […] unexplainably kind of do now, where i never did before. it all started with her seemingly sporadic fondness for elephants… it’s easy to make me your loyal fan – just align yourself with any animal welfare cause, and […]

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