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Friday, April 24, 2015

zodiac vodka gets a makeover

zodiac vodkamy soul mate is back: ZODIAC VODKA. he got a makeover. he’s lookin’ better than ever. and he tastes as as wonderful as i remember.

zodiac vokda is small batch. (really). it’s also gluten-free and GMO-free. based in dallas, texas. made with idaho potatoes, rocky mountain spring water, and lots of love.

in this case you can safely judge a book by its cover… zodiac vodka is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. most brands boast how many times they filter their vodka. well, ZODIAC charcoal filters it once. that’s it. when you have superb ingredients to start with there are less impurities to filter out. no additional filtration is needed to create this masterpiece.

here we have a fresh new look with a flavor profile to match: clean, smooth, almost transparent.just what wants in a vodka. and a government LOL. the dye cut label is letter pressed, textured paper, with stars printed on the back. the stars can be seen through the back of the bottle. a simple wooden cork with a neat logo flag completes the design. it’s nothing short of exquisite. bravo!

kasey musgraves oh hey, and if you’re into country, kasey musgraves is the Zodiac spokesperson. of course she’s a Leo, the sign of the starlet. she’s seems like a cool chick. i mean, who takes their grandma to CMA? someone pretty darn cool. quite the vodka expert, kasey has admitted that her pre-show ritual is… vodka. she’s also an astrology buff who is “very into astrology.” check out her interview. i wonder if she prefers the delicious black cherry flavor, or if she is a purist who sticks to unflavored original? hmmnn….

what i also love about ZODIAC VODKA is that they love horses. as does Intoxicated Zodiac. They are a proud sponsor of the 2015 Equest Premier Celebration. Equest provides Therapeutic Sports Riding classes and Hippotherapy to children and adults with disabilities, as well as US Military vets/personnel and family. The Equest stable houses a combination of purchased registered quarter horses, and surrendered horses from owners that can no longer care for them. providing the horse’s personality is conducive to therapy. In case you did not know, handling the unwanted horses of America is a tragedy and conundrum. equest

lastly, ZODIAC VODKA is well-priced, too. a high quality product at an affordable price. thank you!

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Friday, January 16, 2015

thetahealing™ & bartending: an unlikely match

magic IS in the air. every molecule on this earth is different than it was a few years ago. 2012 pressed the reset button. if you met with defeat prior to this, try tackling that same thing again. the outcome will likely be much better. the universe is backing us up right now. the scales are tipped grossly in our favor. the problem is that most people don’t know it!

glasses-theta i knew the energy had changed because things started getting weird in my kitchen back in 2012… i broke a glass that was part of a vintage set and was most upset about it. i threw away the glass in disgust and put the now incomplete 5 piece set of glasses on top of my fridge. a few months later i looked up at the set and realized that the broken glass had recreated itself. my set of 6 glasses was once again intact. my fridge, or replicating device LOL, subsequently duplicated other items after the glass. what i’m getting at here is the energy on earth now is unprecedented.

thetahealingone way to harness this special energy is to practice thetahealing™. this is high velocity energy work, or directed prayer. i have been studying this groundbreaking modality since 2010 and it has changed my life. it is said that jesus was using thetahealing™ when he turned water to wine. because with thetahealing™ turning water salty or sweet is possible. so wine would be the next step for the advanced practitioner. of course, jesus didn’t know he was using thetahealing™ because that’s not what it was called back then.

vianna-stibil-sm so what is thetahealing™? it is the practice of accessing the theta brainwave with your mind. it can be done in a few seconds to minutes… and from that state, almost anything can be manifested. it is common knowledge that it previously took hours of deep meditation to reach a theta brainwave. which has been called the “golden brainwave.” thanks to thetahealing™ founder, vianna stibil–a fellow capricorn, she has found a 30 second passageway that anyone can use. it’s easy! and it’s beyond powerful.

theta thetahealing™ can change your beliefs, rid you of entities, heal your trauma, fix your genetic line, and more more more. the life-change list is almost endless. we’re talking heavy duty, deep level, ancestral, cellular, past-life, core-level stuff. but you can also do “party tricks” with it.

gwen-bar-sm i love to give blessings from the theta state. it’s a bathing of creator’s / god’s / source’s unconditional love energy. it cleanses anything and anyplace it’s directed. when i was bartending a couple years back, sometimes i would have to send out a drink i wasn’t happy with just because i was so rushed and i had 20 service tickets to make. i would quickly bless the drink and the customer was always happy with it. thetahealing™ blessings make things taste better… (they also make things more nutritious. they also bring peace to the souls of any beings which were used in the drink. say bacon–the pig. basil–the plant. you get the idea. it’s a win-win. for every blessing you send out, blessings are sent your way!

another example of the effect of a thetahealing™ blessing is altercations. i have used this trick many times! one time i had two customers that were getting into a very heated, drunken and increasingly volatile debate. it was getting really bad and i was scared. calling the cops was the next step. i quickly had creator do a blessing on the situation and it immediately cooled down. like magic.

weather another way thetahealing™ can help is changing the weather. i always do a thetahealing™ weather request when i have a big event, like a party or what have you where you need good turnout. it always works. people are always like, oh it’s good the weather worked out, huh? and i’m like, yup, wink wink, thanks creator!

rip the bar i was working in had an entity in it that was not pleasant. it ripped by shirt, jeans and underwear with it’s etheric claws, in long, thin tears. see photograph of my clothes. straight through three layers of fabric. i had to duct tape my outfit together to finish up my shift that night! in this restaurant the plumbing problems were never ending. business was really bad. we were thinking of closing. my friend told me she felt there was an entity in the basement. and she was right. i had creator remove it using the thetahealing™ way and business exploded. we could barely get a few people into the place the month prior. now we had people waiting for tables. it was unreal. every establishment should have their placed cleared of entities, and thetahealing™ is a great way to do it.

barstools i had creator download feelings into the barstools: “i know how it feels to be comfortable, beautiful and welcoming.” and i did the same thing with the floors, the walls, the windows, the mirrors, and every single thing in that bar. people came in and hung out at the bar for hours and hours. customers would say how they just loved the energy in there… thetahealing™ can give “jobs” to objects that otherwise don’t know what they are. now, the barstools knew they were barstools.

customers there’s nothing better than an “unconditional love thetahealing” for your weary patrons. energy is the highest form of healing energy in the universe. i performed this many times on customers who were open to it and most often times they felt better immediately. once my fellow bartender was sick, and if he went home i could never of handled a busy friday night by myself. so i gave him this healing. he felt much better and stayed. whenever the staff was ill they came to the restaurant’s “spiritual healer” LOL for help. i gave everyone in that bar a thetahealing™ for various ailments.

when i first started bartending i was very nervous and insecure. so i had creator do some downloads on me. these are “creation of feeling programs” which are placed in every cell of you body. i received the following downloads: i know how it feels to be a good bartender. i know how it feels to be fast at making drinks. i know how it feels to remember customers names. i know how it feels to remember drink recipes. i know how it feels to be accurate with money counting. i know how it feels to have fun bartending. and stuff along those lines… well, let me tell you… it worked! i was a different person after these thetahealing™ downloads, and a much better bartender!

tipsi also had some abundance issues and did some thetahealing™ belief work on that. my cells believed that i had to work very very very very hard to make money. and that money could not come to me effortlessly and quickly with grace and ease. so i did some “digging” and had creator identify and then pull out those negative beliefs pertaining to money. creator then replaced each negative belief with a positive one. for example, i know how to live in abundance. i know how to receive. i know how to get big tips. etcetera…. you get the picture.

so, thetahealing™ can help your bar, help your job, help your customers, help the taste of your drinks, help the comfort of your barstools, and more. why not take a class in thetahealing and increase your revenue and quality of life tenfold!

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

shaken in 2012,Healing

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

stainless steel muddler by arctic chill

muddler-cocktail2muddlers are kind of like sunglasses, pens and umbrellas in that they always seem to disappear. so if you’re in this predicament–like i was–and find yourself needing a replacement, look no further… perhaps you forgot it at a friend’s house, or you left it where you tended bar last, or it fell into the bermuda triangle. whatever the reason for your muddler loss, give the Arctic Chill Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler a shot. And hey, if you’ve never had a muddler, it’s time to get with the program! I’m not sure how in this mojito-crazed world anyone can not own a muddler. but i’m told muddler-less people do exist. so be a good friend and get your muddler-less buddy a muddler. because, hey, it makes a great stocking stuffer. Everyone needs to have a muddler… we’re in the Cocktail Renaissance people! Wake up!

• lifetime guarantee
• RRP: $13.95
• Stainless steel grip with a nylon head

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

lejay: original cassis. forbidden fruit.

lejay cassis black currantmeet Lejay, the original cassis, created in 1841. oh, what’s cassis, you ask? cassis is french for black currant. great, now that we’ve got that established, what is a black currant? oh, you don’t know what a black currant is? you’ve never tasted a black currant? well, you’re not alone. here’s why: the united states made the cultivation of black currants a federal crime. as in illegal. yup. hard to believe, isn’t it? the lumber industry proclaimed this berry was responsible for blighting the white pine. which was never actually proven by the way. unbelievably, this ban is still upheld in certain states like MA. here in NY though, we are once again free to grow black currants after a long 60 years, the way they were formally grown here. you see, the northeast part of the US is the perfect climate for growing black currants. it’s just mind-boggling that a country would ban a berry, isn’t it though? that’s the reason most americans have no idea what a black currant is. and no idea of how amazing cassis is. because my family hails from europe, i know well the merits of this forbidden fruit. talk to anyone whose mum grew up in europe, and you will be talking to someone who has savored the striking and memorable flavor of black currant. the real crime is that they were banned for so long. but let’s not cry over spilled cassis. let’s get out there and enjoy this awesome berry. enter Lejay, since 1841. blackcurrant lejay cassis

blackcurrants lejay cassis so back to cassis. the black currant, and by extension all things made with it, completely fell out of favor for generations due to this crazy ban. your grandmother knows what cassis is and she most likely drank it in a Kir Royale©. now cassis is making its way back into american life. on elevated culinary menus, you’ll find black currant proudly listed. on trendy cocktail menus you will see cassis prominently noted. and there is no cassis like Lejay. why have just any cassis when you can have the original, and best, cassis?

lejay cassis black currant i have taste-tested almost every cassis in the New York market, and while most are pretty good… Lejay is hands down spectacular. i wish i could pass you a sip through this post… i will do my best to paint a picture… when you first set your eyes upon Lejay, the color will strike you most. it is not maroon, it is ruby. it is more vibrant than any other cassis i’ve found, and if for no other reason than to color your drinks, Lejay should be your top choice. but let’s move on… as you touch it to your lips, your nose will detect a faint floral smell. and that would be the same flower essence Chanel No. 5 uses in its perfume: the highly sought after black currant flower bud. Lejay is not just fruity, but subtly floral as well. additionally, two different varieties of black currants give Lejay its diversity and depth. in 173 years nothing has changed in the manner in which Lejay makes their cassis. the same gravity fed, two month, slow pressing of the berries is still employed. the process is wholly artisanal and the result is so pure that it’s hard to believe there is actually alcohol in Lejay. lejay cassis spritz but there is: 18% or 36 proof, to be exact. lastly, very little sugar is used and what is used comes from sugar beet (GMO-free). this is not your typical sugary, fruity, cloying liqueur. this is heaven in a bottle.

so i invite your taste buds to the garden of eden… once you go black currant, you don’t go back, lol…all though Lejay can be mixed many ways, the Lejay Spritz is the simplest and perhaps most delicious way to enjoy the most outstanding cassis in the world. for entertaining, convert the ounce to cups and whip up a pitcher. cheers!

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mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Friday, June 20, 2014

#sharkbait – my shark tank casting call


last week i went on a SHARK TANK casting call at the SMALL BUSINESS EXPO in NYC and pitched my INTOXICATED ZODIAC Candles, Barware, Wedding & Bachelorette product lines… i was SO nervous… but had fun once i got into the screening room… wish Intoxicated Zodiac luck everyone!!!! Wanna read by 60 second elevator pitch?

“Welcome to where Astrology meets Alcohol and becomes one in your glass!” I illustrated each Zodiac sign to be drinking a Cocktail! And those Cocktails are based on Medieval Herbal Astrology, where plants have signs like people. In those days they would use this to cure their illnesses. But in these days we use it to help us drink… WINK! Speaking of drinking, I’ve created Cocktail programs for celebrity events with Chef Todd English and renowned Astrology Susan Miller. I used these recipes in my Zodiac Candle line which sells internationally, and was picked up by Henri Bendel a few years ago, along with my Zodiac Barware line. Both of these products have also been featured on Channel Five. Cheers!”

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Sunday, May 18, 2014

herbal blue tea to sip and mix


bluechai2 BLUECHAI SWEET PEA FLOWER tea is fabulous. it really is this blue! no photoshop, no filter.

pleasant enough to be enjoyed as a cup of hot brewed tea. or as a tisane (the french for “herbal infusion.”) in europe it is actually illegal to call dried flowers a tea. but here in the states it’s fine.

where it really shines is the color. use it in a cocktail, or make blue iced tea! the unusual SWEET PEA FLOWER will add interest to any cocktail menu.

the best part is no lab-made color. mother nature made this masterpiece in thailand. it’s here where the organic flowers are picked and sun-dried daily. and a little bit goes a long way. the blue color in this glass can be achieved with just one or two flower buds! the pigment is very strong. this unique brew is worth every penny: $8 per bag at BLUECHAI.COM

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

shaken in Natural,Tea

Thursday, May 8, 2014

new book: market fresh mixology 2nd edition

book the 2nd edition of MARKET FRESH MIXOLOGY by bridget albert with mary barranco is an interesting book. it calls for some seasonal ingredients. but it’s not a “garden” fresh book. it’s a “market” fresh one. i prefer to use LOCAL seasonal ingredients. however this book calls for GLOBAL seasonal ingredients.

free energy is coming. food miles will be a thing of the past. we were never supposed to use mother earth’s blood as gasoline. freshness will be the only negative of using globally sourced ingredients. to remedy that high speed food transportation will be introduced. then we’ll be 3-d printing cocktails before you know it.

now i’ve divined the future for you. maybe i should review the book. well, it’s cool! i like how the chapters are divided into the four seasons. most of these original drinks are highly creative. the book itself is well organized. contains thorough yet concise information. lovely photos of many but not all of the drinks. a nice, inexpensive guide for beginners and adepts alike.

this is a great tool with which to channel your inner mixologist! some of its catchier recipes include GOOSEBERRY LEMONADE, BLACKBERRY CINNAMON MOJITO, SPICED BEET COCKTAIL, CARROT CHIC, HOT BANANA BUTTERED RUM adn the HONEYDEW SAKE COCKTAIL.

while the CAVIAR MARTINI is cool, i urge you to consider caviar. it’s often harvested in a cruel manner. enjoy this more humane tipple instead:


***muddle 1 whole avocado, 5 fresh tarragon leaves.

***shake with 1 1/2 oz fresh sour, juice from 1/2 lime, 1 1/2 oz anejo tquila, 1/2 oz triple sec.

***strain and rim with sugar / sea salt mixture.


mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Thursday, May 1, 2014

salted mezcal cider compliments of capricorn


i could drink a lot of these. sweet, sour, smoky and salty. all part of a naughty mexican treat.

technically, agave belongs to scorpio/aries… apple cider belongs to taurus/libra… salt belongs to cancer… but i’m assigning this drink to CAPRICORN. why? because smoke is ruled by saturn and can go cappie/aquarius.

and this drink is all about smoke. i love it. and i’m a goat. it’s mine!!! so i hereby proclaim this to be a drink of capricorn. but i’m gonna let you guys have the recipe so you can make your own and pretend it’s yours…

making this drink even more capricornian, btw, is my vintage mexican bag in the background. goats love antiques. even real goats. i remember when i was a kid (ha), my pet goat- felisha -grabbed an antique newspaper out of a collector’s hand and devoured it on the spot. so, celestial goats and furry goats are both very into vintage!


6 oz hard cider (standard cider‘s true companion)
2 oz del maguey crema de mezcal (organic)

rim glass with agave dipped in himalayan pink salt.

serve over ice, or not! cheers!

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

easy ice ball maker

ball Check out my blue balls ; ) I was sent an ARCTIC CHILL ICE BALL MAKER for review. LOVED IT.

made from bpa-free silicone. so easy to use. looks great in a glass. kick that cocktail up a notch. throw some ARCTIC CHILL BALLS in your freezer!

not only that but the 2.5″ ice sphere melts slower than regular cubes so it saves your drink from getting watered down. ideal for sipping those aged spirits… perfect gift for dad!

not just for adults! kids LOVE these big balls of round ice in their mocktails! color them with NATURAL food dye or stuff them with fruit for extra fun!

customize for any holiday. for example on halloween… stuff them with candy corn or make scary ice eyeballs! on sale for $13.99/set of four

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

Sunday, April 27, 2014

farm animal wine

sheep The Barnyard Vineyards is proud to announce that it is selling Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot as a fundraiser. $6 of every bottle you purchase is given to FARM SANCTUARY.

donkey The wines are certified organic, vegan and come from LaFortuna Vineyards, in a certified free trade zone in Chile.


Please disregard any rumors you may have heard circuiting around the farm that Charlie and Christmas (2 of our colossal cows) or the herd of goofy goats, had ANYTHING to do with the smashing of the grapes. In addition, the daffy ducks had nothing to do with tasting the wine, no matter what they say.labels

Shop FARM SANCTUARY and support the silent victims of our world today: the much abused and humble farm animal.

mixed by Gwen-Intoxicated Zodiac

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